Where Do Steam Machines Fit In the Next-Generation? Plus: Wind Waker's Beautiful HD Update

Adam Sessler offers up extemporaneous unscripted editorials about the most talked about and controversial topics in the game industry. With strong and frequently controversial opinions, the show is designed to foster debate and discussion within the community

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LocutusEstBorg1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Steam Machines are 2 generations ahead of unreleased next-gen consoles.

The_Villager1699d ago

Agreed but I wish Valve would release the specs of the steam box already and how many different versions there will be.

EXVirtual1698d ago

I think 2 gens is a bit of stretch. Lol. But I have no doubt they'll be more powerful than the XBO and PS4, but that'll also lead to a higher price.

CEOSteveBallmer1698d ago

yeah whatever PC elitist. of course it will be more powerful, Why?? Because it still a PC!! anyway More powerful doesnt always means = Better.

3-4-51698d ago

His thought at the end is awesome. It's something I've thought often about and it's the reason I love cel-shaded games.

Deadpoolio1698d ago

ITS A DAMN PC......It's not a console

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Nevers0ft1698d ago

Am I the only who who thinks that over the years Adam Sessler's demeanor and appearance has slowly become that of somebody who has a voracious crack habit? I'm not even joking, something is "off" about him.

SpiralTear1698d ago

He's fine; he's just still getting used to not having that intrusive implant G4 stuck in his skull.

AWBrawler1698d ago

sessler actually gets gaming. we need more people like him.