AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Surface - Better than GTX Titan? Not Exactly

Just Recently, Real Life Benchmarks have surfaced featuring the AMD R9 290X and the Nvidia GTX Titan. Surprisingly the AMD 'Titan' 290X does not get a clear victory at all, infact it is surprisingly debatable which card is better.

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cococabana1820d ago

Somehow i am not really surprised :)

P0werVR1820d ago


Either way, let's see how those new technology turn out.

codelyoko1820d ago

Mantle looks promising but i detect Fluff words >.>

mistertwoturbo1820d ago

One launched at $1000, the other is launching at $600.

People, do the math.

ABizzel11820d ago

A GPU with optimized drivers, vs. a GPU that hasn't released yet?

As shown the R9 290 has a minuscule advantage over the Titan at times, but for the most point they're on par with one another. The Titan won in Rage again because of possible driver issues, as Carmack himself said he preferred NVIDIA drivers to AMD.

What's not up for debate is that the R9 290 is not going to be a $1,000 GPU, but range from $400 - $600 with Titan level performance.

xharrypotterx1820d ago

LOL. The GTX Titan ANNIHILATES 290X in Rage WOW.

cococabana1820d ago

Yea, I think so too. Its too steep a drop to be anything else.

Kleptic1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

considering AMD spoke for over 20 minutes about their current software problems with multiple displays (at the gpu14 conference last week)...why is this in any way surprising?...

these tests are all for triple monitors...AMD spoke in detail of the yet to be released catalyst control center update that addresses these multiple display problems...

so this site runs a comparison on an unreleased gpu with no official software support...with a known to be gimped variable (multi-display)...against a pedigree card thats been polished the entire which the unreleased, and significantly cheaper, gpu performed comparably on everything but one game...

and then draws conclusions from that?...its good to see that PC hardware 'journalism' isn't any better than anything surrounding gaming media, at least...

AndrewLB1820d ago

AMD has had horrible problems with multi-gpu and multi-display setups for years now. Don't expect them to get fixed anytime soon.

DomceM1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

and thats why you buy Nvidia. Drivers are just as important as hardware...

AMD always has issue with drivers... I like them better as a company but always buy nvidia b/c of that.

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TheEnigma3131820d ago

Of course the Titan performs better, it's about $400 more. AMD has better performance/price ratio than NVIDIA imo.

cococabana1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

It was supposed to "Crush" the Titan loool. Someone got crushed but it aint the Titan.

Kleptic1820d ago

who said it was supposed to 'crush' the titan?

All I read was that quote from AMD that it would 'ridicule' a Titan when paired up with Mantle...not saying it will, just keep it context...

the 290x hardly got 'crushed' held fine in every game but a multi display test with no official software...if that is all it takes for you Nvidia crazies to draw conclusions...great, i guess...We're all happy you spent 400 more...

dredgewalker1820d ago

I agree, oh and even if the Titan is more powerful it's the pricing that will make the r9 more popular. Remember that both companies make the most money on low and mid end graphic cards. Very few people can actually afford a high end expensive rig. If the R9 is enough to play the majority of pc games on the highest settings then they'd settle for that.

JsonHenry1820d ago

Rage is OpenGL, not DX. Its probably just a driver issue.

Lolrus1820d ago

It performs on par with the titan, and simply citing Rage as a sign of its inferiority is silly. This is most likely a driver situation or id tech 5 engine issue as these results dont correlate amongst the other benchmarks.

Add this with the fact the R290x is $400 cheaper for equivalent performance and the promising optimisations of Mantle, it is a far better proposition

codelyoko1820d ago

As both an AMD and an Nvidia user i have to say this. Nvidia experience is overprices but VERY VERY streamlined.:P The price is not just overpricing but some actual stuff as well - Native 3D support for eg. Video Editing Softwares like AE and P also support Nvidia Only. :P

Jamaicangmr1820d ago

Damn good card but AMD needed a clear performance difference specially considering it came out like a year or so after. We know Nvidia is working on something new and best believe it's gonna be clearly better than the Titan. That's gonna put AMD right back where it was.

The Price per performance is excellent thought as i would by a 290X over a Titan any day at these prices.

codelyoko1820d ago

+1 Sir, you took the words out of my mouth. No ones arguing AMD's Value. But considering the hype i was a bit let down. :/

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

True, but you gotta look at the price point and that is a VERY tempting deal right there. Slightly worse performance for $400 less? Unless Nividia's new thing is $6-700 and the titan drops in price to the $500(this definitely won't happen) This card is a very tempting deal, especially when you consider X-firing at $1200 vs. a single titan at $1000. Only a $200 difference. That is of course contingent on where X-fire is supported with this card and that the drivers are fixed.

filipakos1820d ago

Anyone knows the price of AMD?If its about 500-600$ then its not that bad

ZoyosJD1820d ago

r9-290x is $600 and these benches are preliminary with one clearly having software related issues. There seems to be some bias in this report. Regardless nv will have to lower those prices which will be good all around.

filipakos1820d ago

Then its awesome.Its almost close to titan and its 400 less expensive

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