Titanfall: Saviour Of The FPS Genre?

Most shooters aren’t doing anything new. It’s been obvious for a while that the genre is in desperate need of a reboot. They’ve all become the same bloated military shooters singing from the same hymn sheet and playing out in a predicable way. There’s no innovation. Very few developers are willing to take a risk by thinking outside of the box and changing the tired formula.Enter Titanfall.

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Sitdown1692d ago

"For the past five years Call of Duty, Halo and Killzone have had an unbreakable choke hold over our consoles...Titanfall burst onto the scene and has punted COD: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 out of the spotlight."

Never really thought of Killzone as having a choke hold over consoles, especially when Battlefield sold more of its latest release; my preference was actually Resistance even though its sales were lower than Killzone. Interestingly enough, is the writer saying Titanfall has been unable to push Killzone from the spotlight or suggesting its not in the spotlight with the other two? Not really sure if fps needs saving....or what all it does different. In Halo you have mechs, sort of.....and you also have people running around with jetpacks. Does the writer not think Destiny is doing something different?

GiggMan1692d ago

Killzone SF is very much in the spotlight. Actually it's shaping up to be the biggest selling exclusive on either console if preorders are to be believed. I for one am getting Killzone along with Battlefield. Battlefield is not going to feel next gen to me due to it being released on current gen also. Killzone is going to give me the next gen feeling and is going to be the title I use to show off Next Gen.

I'm glad TitanFall isn't a launch game, gives a little time to save up a little money. Just in case it's a must have and I have to purchase a Xbox..

PoSTedUP1692d ago

titanfall looks good, but nothing close to spectactular or even worthy of "saving" and entire genre. KZ:SF looks more worthy and thats not "teh best thing ever" either. KZ4 and halo5 will look much better, and should be better contenders imo.

im personally looking forward to seeing how other third partys approach next gen with FPS. AAA games are always awesome but the over-looked FPS could be just as fun. i like more tactical and realistic in FPS and usually pick gameplay and online over story. i rarely buy a FPS for the story; but a singleplayer and online with good gameplay.

Mystogan1692d ago

Lol, you think killzone is gonna be bigger than Titanfall? That's cute.

if you think its gonna be bigger than Halo. You're retarded.

BallsEye1692d ago

Killzone had unbreakable choke hold over our consoles? The game is almost dead on ps3. Most of people I know with ps3 play COD or battlefield.

byeGollum1692d ago

I think the author wanted to throw a bone at the PS fanboys by at least mentioning Killzone ^_^

Don't kid yourselves.. Killzone is not on the same scale compared to the other FPSs mentioned, sales wise.

creatchee1692d ago

Killzone is graphics porn. EVERY time one comes out, all you hear about is how amazing the graphics are. And yes, they are amazing. But the game seriously has never been top tier in terms of gameplay. Take the graphics away and it's a 7-7.5 game.

Bolts1692d ago

Killzone SF is the nextgen Resistance and Crysis all rolled into one. It looks great, run at 1080p, and is the only exclusive shooter at launch. In short it's a fanboy rallying cry of choice for the PS4.

Gameplay wise what have been shown are bland and boring. Perhaps it's because of the off screen vids showing noob journalist sucking it up, or maybe GG are trying to prevent spoilers but the official gameplay vids lack that badass wow moments of Titanfall.

pandehz1692d ago

Crysis 1 still looks better than KSF

Dont place them together.

KwietStorm1692d ago

That quote made me laugh out loud. Not just lol, but laugh out loud.

corvusmd1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Exactly...When i got a PS3 I was super excited about Killzone thinking it was gonna be amazing, but Killzone after Killzone I was disapointed..I remember back in the day character animations were awesome for the time...but the stories were always forgetable...I don't even remember them honestly...and I even played one of the betas. Considering that all the console Killzones to date combined have sold more than 2 mil less than the latest Halo. Killzone has always just been a generic shooter that feels like it's always playing catchup with the other, true Killzone 4 will sell well, but that's more due to a lack of other options at launch. Like all the other Killzones, I'm sure this one will be just as generic, and the excitement will quickly fade. Sure Shadow Fall looks good (although most of the "proof" that PS Fanboys use is concept are...but in gameplay it does look good...but not better than other FPSs). As far as FPSs that have a strangle hold it's COD, Halo, and BF (which is moving up the scale every game). Titanfall will join these ranks before Killzone does.

Of the top four (COD, Halo, BF4, Titanfall) I don't see any of them falling off anytime soon. Many people claim to HATE COD, but there's no denying it still has a huge fanbase. I was actually going to avoid every IW COD from here on out, but I'm actually interested in this new one now and will be grabbing it. Like I said, due to lack of game options at launch, and the hype surrounding PS4...Killzone will make a quick dip into the top four, but it'll fade, especially once Halo and Titanfall come out.

P.S. To all angry PS Fanboys, if what I have said stings, I'm sorry, it stings cause it's the truth. You can attack me all that you wish, but as you can see...due to trolling PS fanboys, I only have two bubbles and have used them I won't even bother coming back to this page...attack me all you wish, cry if it makes you feel better, but I'll never see it. Have fun with your PS4...if they ever come out with exclusives that I HAVE to have, I'll grab one too, but as for now I'm sticking with my XB1 and enjoying much better online play...have fun next Gen, it's a bad ass time for gamers everywhere.

PoSTedUP1692d ago

oh your opinion sure does sting man... especially the part where you called KZ generic and then said youre interested in the next cod; that's what made your whole opinion sound pretty legitimate and logical... /s.

im glad ur happy with this over the top article, and mention cod and bf and compare sales. halo is fruity, colorful and a kids game. killzone is dark, gritty, and is made for men. thats why it sells so much; parents choose to buy it for their kids and kids jumped on it from day one. COD sells the most bc it is so easy and makes a crappy casual gamer feel rewarded, its fun tho, but in a easy fun way.

KZsf preorders are comming on strong, even with cod And bf releasing at the same time. quality gamers know where the games' at. which is why it's evident that PS4 is about to drop a bomb on MS and Nintendy. Blaoowww.

i hope KZ delivers bc with people shifting over from xbox and gamers preferring the ps4 over the One, nows the time to show em what they got, the more people buying killzone the more support the game gets.

DeadlyFire1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

It will be interesting to see how well Titanfall does. Considering its launching in Spring 2014 as Mutliplayer only FPS. Right next to Destiny from Bungie. Which is also said to be a game changer for MMOFPS scene. :)

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ramo2161692d ago

While I think Titanfall looks fun, I get the feeling it's getting a little over-hyped. I think if it wasn't being developed Vince Zampella, it wouldn't be getting a fraction of the press it is.

I think I would still rather play BF4, or Destiny over Titanfall.

corvusmd1692d ago

I still think Titanfall is an amazing game, but I admit like you...I am afraid that it's getting over-hyped...I think it'd be best for them to lay low for a while until it gets closer to launch. They've made their mark, now just focus on refining the game, and keep the mystery alive. That is one area where Killzone IS doing it right...they revealed...then stayed relatively quiet. By the time Titanfall launches, people will be pissed off if it doesn't make them a billionaire and bring world peace.

jay21692d ago

noooooooooooooo way.

curtis921692d ago

Just how is adding mech suits 'thinking outside the box'? How is this game "taking risks"? I've seen a lot of gameplay of it. It looks super polished and well done. I just don't see why it's be hailed as the second coming.

GiggMan1692d ago

I agree somewhat. Also make me wish Killzone had left in Jet packs and Mechs from last gen. The comparisons would be interesting.

Bigpappy1692d ago

Titanfall does just add adding mech suits and jetpacks. It is the way they are implemented that makes it so unique from other FPS. It makes stuff like camping and finding hiding spot, short live and dangerous. It forces players to keep moving and watch their backs much more than with any other FPS. If you are really good with jetpacks, you can take out take out as many armed opponents with your bare hands as you can with your titan. There is just no other game that has been shown that changes your approach to playing a FPS like this game does.

Having said all of that, I don't see FPS's like COD and BF being replaced or falling behind anytime soon, and the genre would have done very well without Titanfalls.

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