Playstation.Blog: SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-up

Playstation.Blog writes: "Hey, folks. David "Point Man" Brothers back again for another Weekly Wrap-up. Here's what went up on, last Friday through yesterday:


* Tuning & Balancing – Another behind-the-scenes look at Slant Six as Allen Goode shows what it takes to finely tune SOCOM: Confrontation to perfection.


* Dev Bio: Dan McBride – Dan McBride is the Managing Director at Slant Six and lets me in on his background
* Poll: Favorite Maps – The first poll has been reset so vote one more time if you haven't been back since


* Gun of the Week: F90 - This week we take a look at the F90 and enjoy the sweet sound of slow-mo gun fire.


* Gun of the Week? – What do you think should be the next Gun of the Week?


* Dev Bio: David Seymour – Overseeing all aspects of game design is Slant Six's own David Seymour

We're updating every weekday at… see you there!"

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