Four Famous Actors That Have Done Voice-over Work In Video Games

Entertainment Buddha: 'Have you ever played a video game where you find yourself asking, ‘where do I know that voice from'?'

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UncleGermrod1820d ago

There's so many more actors/actresses than this. One's who are more famous too. Like how about

Sutherland btw was Sgt. Roebuck in CoD WaW.
Gary Oldman was Reznov in CoD WaW
Liam Neeson as James in Fallout 3
Sam L Jackson as Tenpenny in San Andeas

The list goes on...point being, this article was a very small, insignificant sample.

tacotruck1820d ago

While I can't speak for the author, perhaps they wanted to stray away from the more conventionally known instances of actors lending voices to games?

Pintheshadows1820d ago

I like Nathan Fillion's face.

Godmars2901820d ago

Real actors who only got jobs as voice actors because they were "real" actors.

WeAreLegion1820d ago

Kingdom Hearts, alone, has like fifty of them.

FantasyStar1820d ago

I remember that day when I learned that Lance Bass voiced Sephiroth. My mind was blown.

Godmars2901820d ago

Isn't Christopher Lee in there somewhere?