Steam Family Sharing Is A Business Strategy, Not A Gamer's Godsend

Valve’s announcement of Steam Family Sharing, a system through which friends and family could access each other’s games libraries, was initially met with praise. Since then, a key feature of the system has come under heavy criticism, reminding gamers that Valve is not our friend.

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coolasj1782d ago

Everything is a business strategy. But it's the way a company presents itself and how the company interacts with it's customers that make it just a little bit more. If you listen to Shahid's Eurogamer presentation he talks about how Sony is putting it's executives face to face up to their customers, and how that builds a brand and better customers. You can take the cynical route but, you get to a certain level and their are genuine people who absolutely have to put trust in their customers at some point.

Valve is not only really really good with it, but genuine too.

BattleAxe1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Well said,

There's no point in being in business if you don't have a business strategy, and businesses who don't have a strategy will find themselves obsolete at some point in time. The one thing that can make any idea a good business strategy, is whether or not it gives gamers value for their money, and if it can do that, then it is a godsend.

Ohlmay1782d ago

Valve entering the console industry is going to be fantastic, more competition. This may lead Sony and MS to making online MP free, offer digital sales like Steam, Digital trading and maybe, just maybe, Mods, cause SteamBox will be offering all of this.

memots1782d ago

Here it is again the entitled gamer crying about something that was not there before and asking for more. Good god people this move by steam only make sense stop acting like suddenly valve owes you something.