Question of the Week: What Can Resident Evil Do To Recapture the Magic in the Series?

Don answers the question, "What can Resident Evil do to recapture the magic in the series?"

"Here's the short answer: Capcom needs to stop doing what they are doing and stop trying to cater to the action fans." - Don P.

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chrissx1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I think at this point RE needs a reboot and be given back its original survival/horror theme.They should also remove the single player co-op thing that RE5 introduced,that totally dissolves the fear factor. New characters would def be great also.

TedCruzsTaint1817d ago

Actually be Resident Evil and not "Dude Bro vs Teh Zombiez!"

Ron_Danger1817d ago

Things I'd remove:

-No more over the shoulder cam
-no more zombies that have guns
-no more QTE

Things I'd add:

-go back to it just taking place in just a few areas. The small confined maps of the first 3 RE games added to the sense of fear since you had very little space to escape.
-no more crazy weapons. Keep it simple so you just feel like someone trying to survive instead of feeling like Arnold Schwartzeneger at the end of the movie Commando.

sigfredod1817d ago

Easy: Capcom give the ip to shinji, then shinji will make a real RE game again :)

Stuart811816d ago

Make the games more about survival horror and not about online co-op. and go back to having the fixed camera positions and put puzzles back in the games