All New Trailers from Nintendo Direct

"A lot of new 3DS and Wii U game trailers have just been uploaded on YouTube from Nintendo Direct"

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Jagsrock1514d ago

I think that super mario 3d world trailer was pretty awesome. So many people have been hating on that game but judging by that trailer it looks like it's going to be a must have. Galaxy+3d land+new items/elements+Beautiful HD graphics and co-op=Super mario 3d world,I think the trailer proved this is a "Real 3d mario game".

Side notes: Sonic in smash bros 4 is great news, mario and sonic Olympics has online and looks surprisingly good. Wii Party u has potential and its always nice to see a new kirby game.

Adnan_rules1514d ago

I agree with you. Mario looks brilliant

donman11514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Yawn... Nintendo when you ready to show me Metroid, A real new Zelda game and StarFox.. then i will wake up and take notice.

pr0t0typeknuckles1514d ago

Sonics back in smash bros,im happy

TheCagyDies1514d ago

Wow, Super Mario 3D World looks a lot more impressive than the e3 trailer.

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