David Hayter Cheekily Reaffirms He Isn't Bitter About 'Metal Gear Solid 5'

"The former voice of Solid Snake isn't as bitter about MGS 5 as we might imagine."

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nukeitall1751d ago

Hayter certainly sounds bitter!

-Foxtrot1751d ago

I think we all would in his position...and don't say you wouldn't, you would.

You can't expect someone who got a big break playing an iconic character for 15 YEARS to shrug it off and go "OH GEE...well things happen...oh well"....esspecialy since they replaced him with a Hollywood actor. I mean if your in Hollywood then why do voice over's the whole point of voice actors and I think Hayter know this

nukeitall1751d ago

I really don't follow this, but wonder why Hayter was replaced.

Maybe he turned into such a diva that Kojima said, screw it! I can pay less and get a real hollywood actor that is easier to work with?

Doesn't make sense to just replace somebody you worked with for 15 years!

-Foxtrot1751d ago

In my opinion Kojima is obsessed with the Western industry but more importently Hollywood thus why his games are always trying to be cinematic. He thinks if he gets a Hollywood actor like Keifer Sutherland then he can slowly worm his way into Hollywood.

Thats my take on it....basicaly it comes down to his own selfish desires. I really feel like sometimes he got into the wrong industry, he should of become a film director/script writter

Army_of_Darkness1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Acting is acting bro. Do you not notice all these famous actors doing voice acting for those animated pixar movies over the years?! Same shit, just done in a different way.

There would be no metal gear without kojima. So he is in the correct profession.

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Big_B0SS1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I know that David's voice is iconic with Snake but to be honest it started to feel outdated...the way he drags his words and always talks like he is asking a question when he is'nt had to go becuase of the new more serius direction Kojima is taken with the MGS series.

Edit: Davids snake voice remimded me of William Shatner when playing the role of captian Kirk...very iconic but annoying after some time.



Finally, YES, someone who feels the same as me regarding snake.

Don't get me wrong, I love snake, I really do... but it use to drive me nuts to constantly hear him asking questions all the time. I mean for someone who is suppose to be this highly trained supa-soildier, you use to ask questions that you simply would expect someone who has spent 30 years killing people to do.

I don't know if it's down to the tone hater uses when snake or the actual script that was written that way, I just felt that it could have been done better. especially in mgs4.

it's the same annoying issue I had with Shepard from Mass Effect.

anyway, I still love snake

1nsomniac1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

He's so bitter!!

All he does is bitch about it every other day!

Get over it already people get replaced everyday, he's no different!

thelaughingwiseman1750d ago

How would you feel if Troy Baker was replaced for the sequel to Last of US with say... Leonardo Decaprio?

DangerousDAN1750d ago

Kind of a harsh comparison. Dicaprio's voice isn't as deep as Baker's (though he does have the acting chops), therefore would be a bad choice since it would be a significant alteration. Sutherland's voice, on the other hand, has a natural gruffness, a tough guy's voice, very appropriate and similar to what we know Snake sounds like. There isn't much change. He's also got the acting skills to pull it off.

Perhaps you meant that it feels shitty for Hayter to be replaced by a more famous actor, even if he's been part of it all since MGS1. In that case, yeah, I agree, but that's just how it goes in the acting industry. You think other actors like that Troy Baker's getting every good role? It's a tough, go-cry-somewhere-else industry.

roughromantic1751d ago

Good riddance I say. His overacting made me cringe whenever I played the games. Talk about overdoing the machismo.

Big_B0SS1751d ago

This is what I was trying to say in my above commment...I love MGS but Davids voice of snake some time killed the game for me and it was hard to feel any sad or serius emotions becuase of his sarcastic voice.

Shane Kim1751d ago

I just think Big Boss and Snake should have different voice actors to start with. I remember playing MGS3 and thought I was Snake until half the game was complete. (Hadn't played MG games at that point).

BG115791751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

You should know that Snake is a clone of Big Boss, so having a similar voice actual ly makes sense.

Shane Kim1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I know, and having them look alike is/was confusing enough.

Besides, Liquid and Solidus didn't sound or look like Big Boss.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1751d ago

Yea like Shane said Liquid and Solidus never sounded or acted anything like Big Boss so people need to stop saying that they should sound the same. There is no evidence to support that a clone would sound anything like the original person anyways.

BG115791751d ago

@TheOneWholsTornApart, well perfect twins are physically identical and they do have the same voice. They're not clones, but they do have the same DNA just like clones...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1751d ago

@BG11579: This is assuming the twins your talking about are raised together and not given up for adoption where both children would go to different families. I highly doubt they would sound even remotely the same and Big Boss and Solid are almost 40 years apart from each other age wise and from completely different eras where they should be speaking very different from each other. They should never have gotten David Hayter to play Big Boss in the first place in my opinion. However I have strong suspicion that Hayter is in MGSV as Solid. I have a feeling this game is going to be far bigger than it appears to be and I think it will take place over multiple time periods and we may even get to play as different characters too. One can only hope. But yea lol thats my 99 cents on the matter.

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DEEBO1751d ago

liquid was a clone of big boss and the other brother too.but their voice was different.

cell9891751d ago

Liquids voice was different because he was raised in the UK and had an English accent

Joe9131751d ago

Even if he did not have the accent Liquids voice still was not as gruff as BB and SS Solidus was not as gruff either.

ChillOut7071751d ago


In the japanese version , Solidus has the same voice actor as Solid Snake and although Liquid has a different voice actor but his japanese voice was gruff compared to his english version

It was Kojima fault from the beginning when he made hayter do the voice acting for big boss and that forced him to do a different but worse version from his awesome solid snake VA in order to make big boss sound different from soild snake

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