New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Details, Free-Roaming Confirmed

The guys over at Saiyanisland have reported new details of Namco Bandai's promising title. Among the array of details, the article also stated that there will be free-roaming (I am guessing something similar to Naruto: Rise of a Ninja on the XBOX 360). According to Namco Bandai the player will be able to "investigate every inch of the Hidden Leaf Village in open-world exploration and revel in high definition graphics that surpass traditional hand-drawn animation."

Let us hope Namco Bandai keep to their promise because this title looks like it might be a big one!

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sonarus3719d ago

Free roaming confirmed:D. I have never played a naruto game but i enjoy DBZ games even if i don't watch the series anymore. I think... i will rent this:|

Parappa083719d ago

rent? this game is damn worthy of BUYING

and i thought dat rise of a ninja was good...dis will be even betta

theKiller3719d ago

its really fun, better than DBZ and if u liked it then buy this one cuz its for sure it will be better and bigger!

SeanScythe3719d ago

I'm getting this game I almost got a 360 for the Naruto game until I found out my PS3 was getting this game.

sonarus3719d ago

Yea plus we all know ps3 can't run naruto as the game is too complicated for the ps3 to handle

DomUltra3719d ago

Lol @ Sonarus

I love how Ubisoft said that, but then CyberConnect comes out with this, and not only is it done proper, it's done better, the graphics completely look like anime, I don't like Naruto or anime, but I might end up buying this.

Wildarmsjecht3719d ago

Sarcasm meter..sweet jesus!!!

Yep. It's destroyed. Officially destroyed.You got it. Well done.

*Slow Clap*

Still, I really do want this game.

ShAkKa3719d ago

i`m not a fan of naruto, i`m a dbz and yu yu hakusho guy but this game has as close of graphics to an anime as it gets and now the free roaming news have me interested in this game.