Artificial Stupidity: The Worst A.I. Exposed

Having played hundreds of games over the years, Games Radar have to say true artificial intelligence is rare. Does Seaman really learn to speak? Did the AI in Forza 2 really learn how to double-brake? Who knows. What they do know, however, is that it's very easy to confuse a computer – sometimes without doing anything at all.

Games Radar can happily type that into one without fear of reprisal as the office PCs don't have robotic arms (yet). So for now, they can laugh – as will you. Bring it on.

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sonarus3892d ago

haha i liked the part where he went thru his legs

pharmd3892d ago

i was gonna submit this hours ago but thought no way it would get through..... dammit!

Tempist3892d ago

Hahaha... GamesRadar, you make Fridays fun.

Genuine3892d ago

I got a laugh out of the "one-sided" conversation from Crysis.

Fishy Fingers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

The Crysis videos are more glitches than poor AI. The second video confuses me, how did he drop that guy with one bullet from that range? Crysis is not that accurate for me.

Whoooop3892d ago

of all the games, the picture that gets posted is the MGS one...

wait... who's the contributor???

ahh never mind

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

It's to attract more heat than say a Crysis pic. Look at it as a show of MGS appeal or jealousy.

Xi3892d ago

but MGS has some horrible ai.

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

I agree. I don't believe I said it did?

Xi3892d ago

I'm just saying, that anything from the article would work, why was the op (for this reply) getting his panties knotted about a pic of snake.

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The story is too old to be commented.