Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed To February 2014

During today's Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been delayed to February of next year.

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acharlez1569d ago

This is a huge blow to the Wii U's holiday lineup :(

knifefight1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It got donkey punched.

As diddy I.

Puns aside, I love playing lighthearted platformers around the Christmas/New Year break. They just feel so perfect. This game will be missed this break, was looking forward to it.

acharlez1569d ago

For sure.

Just knowing that this is going to keep Retro from working on Metroid Prime 4 EVEN longer, makes this all the more disappointing.

JuleyJules1569d ago

I don't think this is bad at all. There is a lot coming out before Christmas but nothing we've heard of til March with Mario Kart 8. This will help bridge the gap as it'll be a big seller and there will be more owners by then too!

leemass241569d ago

on a more positive note sonic was announced for smash bros, so now we have sonic, megaman, mario, link, fox, dk plus all the others all in one game thats gota be a good thing :)

Amigaengine1569d ago

when does smash brothers come out ?

leemass241569d ago

some point in 2014 hopefully its early 2014 tho :/

Neonridr1569d ago

Wow that sucks, but I guess Retro wants to ensure it is as polished as it can be. I was looking forward to playing this over the holidays, but I still have a little bit of a back log with my other Wii U games (Pikmin 3, Rayman, Wonderful 101). Still have Zelda this week, plus Sonic, Mario, Watch Dogs, AC4 and CoD: Ghosts to keep me busy.

MNGamer-N1569d ago

Ain't that the truth! There is so much coming out over the next few months, it really doesn't matter anyway. It will be played in due time.

dbjj120881569d ago

Lame! I was looking forward to HD DK after playing 3D DK earlier this year.

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