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50 Gig Download For Upcoming PS4 Game - IGN Daily Fix

Today's Fix shows off Destiny's box art and reveals a PS4 game that will be a 50 gig download. Plus, Assassin Creed 4's dates announced and check out the first hand impressions of Steams new controller. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PC, PS3, PS4, Steam, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Neonridr  +   581d ago
Now let's sit back and see the angry customers who will be running up their internet bills because they go way over their allotted monthly bandwith.
ATi_Elite  +   581d ago
My thoughts exactly. Gamers better switch to an unlimited Download provider.

3 games and a few Blu-ray downloads and your 300GB is GONE!

I got Cable Broadband for Gaming and I got a second DSL line just for downloading and both are unlimited. Thank goodness my PC makes me money.
FamilyGuy  +   581d ago
Some of us don't have bandwidth caps.
For those that do, disc is still an option.

Don't understand why this is even surprising to people when Killzone 3 was 41.5 GB http://www.justpushstart.co...
devwan  +   580d ago
Is bandwitdh-capped internets a big thing these days? I've honestly not heard of any of that for years, away from mobile devices obviously.

Anyone who already has ps+ is used to downloading 60, 70, 80GB a month anyway, many ps3 games are 20 to 30GB downloads, I don't think anyone is surprised to read some games might be 50GB+ for ps4, it just makes sense - all assets are bigger, there's just more of everything.
RedDeadLB  +   580d ago
Nothing too unfamiliar to PS3 pirates. God of War 3 has 42GB. MGS4 even more I believe.

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