50 Gig Download For Upcoming PS4 Game - IGN Daily Fix

Today's Fix shows off Destiny's box art and reveals a PS4 game that will be a 50 gig download. Plus, Assassin Creed 4's dates announced and check out the first hand impressions of Steams new controller.

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Neonridr1813d ago

Now let's sit back and see the angry customers who will be running up their internet bills because they go way over their allotted monthly bandwith.

ATi_Elite1812d ago

My thoughts exactly. Gamers better switch to an unlimited Download provider.

3 games and a few Blu-ray downloads and your 300GB is GONE!

I got Cable Broadband for Gaming and I got a second DSL line just for downloading and both are unlimited. Thank goodness my PC makes me money.

FamilyGuy1812d ago

Some of us don't have bandwidth caps.
For those that do, disc is still an option.

Don't understand why this is even surprising to people when Killzone 3 was 41.5 GB

devwan1812d ago

Is bandwitdh-capped internets a big thing these days? I've honestly not heard of any of that for years, away from mobile devices obviously.

Anyone who already has ps+ is used to downloading 60, 70, 80GB a month anyway, many ps3 games are 20 to 30GB downloads, I don't think anyone is surprised to read some games might be 50GB+ for ps4, it just makes sense - all assets are bigger, there's just more of everything.

RedDeadLB1812d ago

Nothing too unfamiliar to PS3 pirates. God of War 3 has 42GB. MGS4 even more I believe.