Sniper Elite 3 Is Official, Gets A Reveal Trailer, Coming On Current & Next Gen Platforms

Rebellion has officially announced the third part in its Sniper Elite series, coming on both current and next gen platforms.

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Kayant1816d ago

Enjoyed V2 looking forward to V3 :)

TedCruzsTaint1816d ago

I really didn't take to the second game.
Enjoyed the original though.

Bathyj1816d ago

Nice. I loved V2. Xray can is going to be so nice at 60fps 1080p.
I hope they work on the stealth element a bit and improve it and make they levels more open and less linear. Not necessarily Farcry open but give you a bigger area to move around in and not just on a set path.

Mr-SellJack1816d ago

Awesome news!The Demo of the 2nd was amazing!X-Ray shots FTW!

shadowmist131816d ago

loved v2(hated nazi zombie army),cant wait!

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