Gamertell Review: Rondo of Swords

From the review, "Rondo of Swords left me feeling sad and disappointed. I love Atlus games, and religiously purchase most of the company's titles. I was excited for Rondo when I stumbled on announcements online. However the finished product doesn't live up to the imagined glory. I thought it was going to be a fresh approach to strategic rpgs, with new battle systems and elements. Instead I embarked on a quest like countless others, with characters I had seen before in Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Rondo of Swords stars fake-Serdic, the body double and guard for Prince Serdic of Bretwalde. The Grand Meir Empire invades Bretwalde during the king's funeral, kills Prince Serdic and curses the kingdom's holy sword. Prince Serdic tells his body double Serdic to become him, take the blade, protect Princess Marie and save the day."

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PS360WII3683d ago

huh well I picked it up but haven't played it yet. Okami is taking my time right now.... to bad it isn't living up to the newness