Do all Xbox One games get dedicated servers? Cloud is "a tool in the toolbox", says Microsoft

Xbox One's cloud support continues to swirl mysteriously. Who can say what wonderment it might enable? Who can say what it actually amounts to, beyond the capacity to monitor malevolent boulders from outer space? Microsoft's chief platform architect Marc Whitten has said a little - just a little - more to IGN on the subject, but the practical payouts remain unclear.

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malokevi1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

That's what Ms has going for it this gen.... a ridiculously diverse toolbox for developers. Between the feature-full Kinect, the cloud, Smartglass, and OS functions like smartmatch... games are going to be incredibly comprehensive.

Nov. 22nd.... 51 days... 15 hours... 24 minutes...

malokevi1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

We'll you're just gonna have to, so hold tight and pray to Jesus on the reg!

jimbobwahey1817d ago

Question: Do all Xbox One games get dedicated severs?

Answer: Er...


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ZodTheRipper1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

What is wrong with you.

There really is a 20min day1-update to reverse all the restrictions?
So the OS is just being modified on the consoles, the code for everything is still there.

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walkincarpet1817d ago

definitely agree. X1 has next gen features that will be a level above PS4 features just like Xbox live has always been a level above PSN. Although I'm disappointed with the graphic capabilities on both systems, I'm looking forward to the next gen features on the X1.

christocolus1817d ago

i must say one of the reasons im so hyped about the xbox one is the new revamped xbox live...i want to put on my headset pop in cod, ryse, dr3 or even ki and compete with my pals has a wonderful online service these extras will only make it even greater.nov 22 cant come soon enough....

TheBrit1817d ago

Yeah that's all well and good but if your friends don' all pick up the Xbox one you wont be playing with many of them.

The fact that due to the new codecs you cannot even chat with friends on the 360 from an Xbox one sucks even more.

51 days for me to decide on cancelling my order. Leaning to cancelling it. Microsoft are not showing anything in regards to the interface, the sports interaction, who is compatible for the hdmi pass through guide, the snap controls etc.

I have a very bad feeling there are going to be a lot of people that cannot use some of these features that are being touted and thus at the end of the day have a console that gives off prettier graphics and that's about it.

For once I am really unsure about the new console. I have stuck with them since the first Xbox but now I think I will wait until the dust settles before buying either a ps4 or an Xbox. I have a feeling the PS4 is really going to have it together and will have much better games more quickly than what will be developed uniquely for the Xbox.

sprinterboy1817d ago

Agree dude, never personally owned a ms console but I got a £900 tax rebate the other day, already have money saved for ps4 so was thinking of getting xbox one too but then I saw the New Sony 4k tv for £3000. thinking put the money on the tv with finance package and wait 2 yrs for a price drop on Xbox one with back catalogue of games, dicisions dicisions lol

christocolus1817d ago

@the brit
its a matter of choice...if you aint ok with the xbox one you can always go for the ps4 ..a number of my pals on xbox live are getting the xbox one at launch and we are looking forward to playing cod ghost and ryse through out that week ....i wont convince people into buyin what they dont want but i also dont like people trying to downplay my choice either...all you listed as your reasons for holding back on the xbox one can also be reasons for holding back on the ps4 and saying ms wont have great games is misleading cos so far thay have shown they are fully comitted to getting great games from 1st and 2nd party devs...about the tv not working or third party capture devices has ms stated they wont work at launch? ill advice you to weigh what you actually want in a console before buying any...i have had the psp,ps1,ps2 and ps3 also an xbx, xbx 360 and im gettin the xbx one too at launch and later down the line after infamous is released ill get the ps4....bro its a matter of choice and for me the online services and games at launch push me to get the xbox one fully satisfied with all ms has done with the 360 and im looking forward to them doing even better with the xbox one..

TheBrit1817d ago

@christocolus sorry, if it sounded like I was trying to downplay your choice, that was not intended, I was just stating a fact that there is now an enormous degree of separation between 360 and xbox one players and that's mainly due to voice chat.

Cross game voice chat has always been killer, now that you cannot cross system, you stand the chance of losing an enormous percentage of your playing time with friends that may not be getting an xbox one at first.

My points about the ps4 and better games is valid. If you look at the xbox 360 in the last couple of years with its exclusives and how fast the ps3 seems to get solid stellar exclusives, the track record really is not that good.

I have never really been a p.s fan but just by the way they have gotten fantastic exclusives over the last year or two compared to what keeps getting pumped out for the 360 it is very apparent which console developers seem to cater for more.

I know what I want out of the console but I think some of this stuff is either going to get shelved or not be around for a while at launch. The fact that nothing is being mentioned about all of the features touted at first is an example of that.

I have had an Xbox since month one and i have had 360's since day one, beta tested Xbox live and have over 10 years alone in live service under my belt so I definitely have always favored the Microsoft products - this gen though has left a lot to be desired so far in regards to what is being put out there for this console in terms of showing it's strengths, how it really should be the console of choice, examples of stunning games coming to the console regardless if it's now or in 6 months - that's what they are lacking. They barely even show in-depth videos of the features that they touted outside of games - almost like they no longer want to mention it because either its not working right or some other reason.

Right now all you hear about is ryse, forza and a little of ghosts (which if I keep my pre-order I will definitely be downloading ghosts and probably forza day one just because they are some of my favorite franchises)

I know it's definitely a matter of choice and my choice would probably end up being an xbox one but I do not think there is enough there quite yet to warrant $500 - I really think the 360 launch was far better, actually by a milestone in regards to fun unique games.

christocolus1817d ago

i do agree sony had great ips for the ps3 and part of that was due to sony giving their devs the feeedom to do what they wanted tried that in the past and alot of crap games were released and some of the very unique ones didnt do well in the market...i.e kameo, blue dragon, brute force , blinx, otogi etc this caused ms to focus on the few which were actually sucessful but from all ive seen so far ms has learnt..theyve got the right guys in key places and created studios with good talent across the globe..they know where they messed up and they def will rectify it this gen..they seem to have also given the freedom back to their devs... ,about the tv features you mentioned, i believe they will def be up at launch in us first and uk to follow then the recoeding stuff will be live at launch .. know ms has made some mistakes in comunicating with their fanbase but i know they will come out ok....i agree with your comment and totally understand you better now though....hoping to see you on xbx live soon.

gaelic_laoch1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

"Xbox One's cloud support continues to swirl mysteriously."

It certainly is mysterious! Ill wait till I know how it works in the real world before buying the xbonE!

Strikepackage Bravo1817d ago

What are you waiting for, are you afraid it will disable game play on the console? I don't get these people who say they have to wait to see what all the extra features in addition to gaming, do on xbo before buying one. But the console that is confirmed to be nothing more than a PS3.5, with only one game (Killzone)worth playing at launch, is a day one buy.

Majin-vegeta1817d ago

Lol PS 3.5??so in that case the xbone is just an xbox360 with a stupid kinect attached to it.

Kids say the darnest things.

falviousuk1817d ago

no, he just trolls almost every xbox article as though he has some investment in Sony to try and disrupt the sales of the xbox one. And of course with the derogatory tmers used by these trolls such as xbone and M$ but they never say $ony.

Just ignore the trolls, and continue talking about gaming.

dont feed the trolls

hankmoody1817d ago

Seriously, why are people SO hyped up about the PS4? What does it do other than play games? I really don't think we will see much innovation out of that system. That's not to say that the PS4 won't have some amazing exclusives because of course they will. But the Xbox One just looks like a system that's going to get better and better. The PS4 really is just a PS3.5 like you said.

Strikepackage Bravo1817d ago

@Majin um, no PS4 has more ram and a faster CPU/GPU. XBO has that and a multitude of cutting edge new features that were not on last gen consoles, some of these features don't exist anywhere on any other device. PS4 finally has the features Xbox 360 had 6 years ago.

WeAreLegion1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Game sharing.
Live streaming/spectating.
Taking over a game via internet.
Play as you download.
Download single player or multi-player separately.
Remote play with Vita.
Touch pad on the controller.
PC architecture, making it easier to develop for.

What do you want them to add? Honestly... What? And what features does the XBO have that the PS4 does not? The ability to watch television? You know what else has that ability? My television.

Kayant1817d ago

@ hankmoody

"I really don't think we will see much innovation out of that system." So what innovation/s does the XB1 bring in your opinion? Seriously question here.

So being about the view your friend's screen at anytime and joining their game is not innovate? Or at the very least a new feature.

Even though i find this silly being able to take control of your friend's game is not new or innovative?

Being about to download either the single player or multiple-player of a game separately while you play isn't new?

pyramidshead1817d ago

Bubbling up Mr. @weareLegion up there for making that brave move through the green mist to light a torch to cure all the stank.


fullymoated1817d ago

Xbox has an online infrastructure that they have been building for the entire last generation via subscription fees. So they have a head start in the online shooter space, with dedicated servers for CoD (like it or not, it’s still popular and gets sales), and they have exclusivitiy (timed or not) for Titanfall. PS4 has some more power, it has better single player exclusives, and PS+ is great. For people that ONLY care about online shooters I think a lot will still end up getting the X1. I don’t know why anyone would say “PS3.5” because both systems are a huge upgrade! Can’t wait!

fullymoated1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

share button, touch pad, and watching your friends game prior to joining all look awesome. I had the same question awhile ago about X1.. I will have to say I look forward to being able to bring up the sports game picture-in-picture while waiting in the lobby between online matches, and now that kinect is forced (argh) there might be 1 or 2 cool things that come from it. I never tried voice commands in mass effect because i didn't have a kinect, but that actually looked useful instead of pausing the game, losing immersion, and having to select skills from the wheel.

CEOSteveBallmer1817d ago

Bro if PS4 is PS3.5, then how much more will the xbone be called with its inferior hardware?? Xbox360.1??

fullymoated1817d ago

I like how people post logical discussion in response to questions brought up by PS fans, and they get disagrees with no feedback. PS fans do NOT like it when you make a valid point for the X1, that is for sure .. further disagrees with still no feedback incoming! ...

Brix901817d ago

Killzone is visually the most impressive looking launch title out of all the games on both platforms coming out. Both console are close it's just fanboys are to blinded to look at the facts PS4 and X1 have SIMILAR features. If you can't understand why someone would buy a console from company that has delivered a legacy of great games then I guess I don't know how to spell it out for you. Now buy your next gen console shut up and enjoy your games.

DigitalRaptor1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

@ hankmoody

You are the problem. You are the type that pretends that PS4's network will be a lightly upgraded one from PS3. You ignore all the facts that Sony has released about PS4 and the fact that the way it has been built is for the rich feature set to be unlocked by developers and improved through its RAM allocation.

The PS4 has just about every feature that the Xbone has in some form or another, and there are features that were announced for PS4 that MS announced since that time - convenient, eh? PS4 even has features that Xbone doesn't. The one's living in rabid delusion are the ones that are so desperate to believe Microsoft's PR spin that they think Sony are still behind.

Sony have been behind the PS4, since PS3 launched. They began actually building it and its network in 2008. Work on the Xbone began in 2010, and by their recent rush jobs and rumours falling into reality, they weren't near ready to launch the Bone, and are now working to get it ready for its launch.

Just read WeAreLegion's response and know what to expect or you'll be in for a nasty surprise like most Xbox loyalists on here. The thing to take away from this comment, is that opening your eyes and looking beyond what MS is feeding you will be more than self-enlightening.

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jackanderson19851817d ago

based on your comment history i have strong doubts you'll ever get a xbox one

gaelic_laoch1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I will in 2 years :)

EDIT: Still a disagree for saying I want the xbone ROFL

Cherchez La Ghost1817d ago

It hasn't been 10 minuets and you're starting up already. If people are excited about obtaining a X1, let them be. Why troll every article?!

gaelic_laoch1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I see plenty fellow site users tearing into the PS4 or the PS3.5 as they like to call it! I do not understand why I am being singled out for just giving my opinion. They can call the PS4 or xbone what they want I am old enough to not give a sweet F!

Are these articles only open to xbox owners to comment on?

Cherchez La Ghost1817d ago


Just because someone else acts a certain way, you must mirror what they do?! You're as just as bad as they are. And your the first to troll on this post. So what that makes you?!

"You can lie to me all day, but don't lie to yourself"!!

-Cherchez La Ghost

loulou1817d ago

the irony of your post is shocking gaelic-troll.

and why even bother playing innocent when everyone knows you are one of the worst fanboys on here

Wikkid6661817d ago

I hope it really helps with game lag...

GraveLord1817d ago ShowReplies(2)
Trekster_Gamer1817d ago

Lag???? You must mean your slow connection. Sorry I don't think it will make your internet go any faster....

Wikkid6661817d ago

Yep... my 45 Mbps speed is slow. That's gotta be it.

secretcode1817d ago

I'd be more confident in the Xbox One's Cloud promises if the Xbox 360 cloud services were ever stable for me. Your mileage may have veried.

Strikepackage Bravo1817d ago

What cloud service did XB360 have, the only one I can think of is Skydrive, and maybe account synchronization, those work fine.

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