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GR: Soaking with charm.

Rain is a charming new game from Sony’s well-regarded Japan Studio that puts players in control of a little boy dealing with fantastical circumstances. He’s watching the rain pour outside his window, when the form of a little girl appears and is being chased by an invisible monster. He follows them and turns invisible himself, only appearing when rain is pouring down upon him. Now he must help the little girl and find a way to recover his own body.

This concept is wonderfully utilized in the gameplay, which is something of a linear puzzle platformer. It is similar to last year’s Papo & Yo in how none of the puzzles are intended to be incredibly challenging, instead allowing players to absorb each of the eight chapters smoothly. Most involve finding a way to navigate around other invisible enemies, whom you cannot fight, because they are the kill-in-one-hit sort. Using roofed areas to lose sight of your body and moving some objects around are the keys to...

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knifefight1753d ago

Sounds like my kind of game.

acharlez1753d ago

It certainly looks visually stunning.

Ezz20131753d ago

what is this game ? never heard of it

dbjj120881753d ago

Sounds about right. I'm all about GTA right now so I'll wait for a sale.