GTA Online PS3 hands-on first look video

PSU goes hands-on with GTA Online for the PS3, where we look at the detailed character customization feature and much more.

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Wizziokid1781d ago

about as productive as my experience so far.

gaelic_laoch1781d ago

I gave up and just started playing Dragons Dogma!

HeyImBen111781d ago

Wow, most useless video ever.

ALARM-clock1781d ago

The parent/grandparent character customization system is awful. No matter what I try, I end up looking like a potato face.

Nes_Daze1781d ago

LOL Indeed, why not just give you the option to cutomize your character more instead of going through the usless grandparents and parents crap.

Wizziokid1781d ago

I agree pretty disappoined with that

slimeybrainboy1781d ago

I know its stupid and annoying but I do kinda like that it's different. I just kept going random over and over.

tigertron1781d ago

The character creation system is a load of BS.

All the characters look like potato heads. Rockstar should have given us a character creation system like other RPGs i.e. Mass Effect. I wanted my character to look like me, but he looks NOTHING like me.

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