Mighty No. 9 goes portable, Goal reached for PS Vita/3DS versions

Earlier today we brought you the news that Mighty No. 9 has reached its next-gen versions goal and will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Showing no signs of stopping, the supporters are doing the best they can to reach all the set goals for Mighty No. 9. The Kickstarter was started by Comcept USA, it was started on August 31 and stretched all the way to its closing date today, October 1st.

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AlucardFury1813d ago

Great news!! I plan on getting the Vita version.

Sevir1813d ago

Vita and PS4 version. I can't wait!

DA_SHREDDER1813d ago

It was already gonna be on my vita via remote play on my ps4. But okay :)

Vanfernal1813d ago

Vita has become my 2D game system of choice. Between the PS1 classics, PSP library and the barrage of indies heading it's way I never run out of entertainment on the go. I'm definitely getting the Vita version although it wouldn't surprise me if they make it a crossbuy. Here's to hoping. :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.