New Xbox One Details: Day One Patch Size, Rechargeable Battery for Xbox One Controller and More

Last session of IGN's AMA with Microsoft's Marc Whitten is out. As usual the topic of discussion was Xbox One.

This time around Marc Whitten talked about Xbox One Day One patch, Twitter and Facebook App, Rechargeable batteries for Xbox One Controller and more

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Automatic791695d ago

All systems have a day one patch so that is nothing new in gaming.

Stuart811695d ago

agreed, but you can probably guarentee that the PS4's will take twice as long to install if its anything like PS3 patches

TKCMuzzer1695d ago

You comment as if Sony won't of adressed these issues, I can't imagine with all the thought they have put into the ps4 that this will be missed, I think things will be very different for the next gen....

TKCMuzzer1695d ago

Its interesting to see people think things will carry on this way. Is that genuine or are there actually people who want this to happen so Sony mess up?

Stuart811685d ago

please not I did put in the the word "IF" which is a very small word with a big meaning

TKCMuzzer1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

$25 for a play and charge about milking your customer...
They should be throwing it in free as a good will gesture.

dethpuck1695d ago

Yeah it does seem a little steep. But I hate fumbling around for aa batteries. Sony made a good choice for internal batteries

TKCMuzzer1695d ago

Brilliant, if you disagree that wasting extra money on something that should be built in is acceptable then you have more money than sense.

Drewidian1695d ago

I just want to know if there will be a chat pad and a media remote for accessories. The hunt and peck method drives me nuts.

AxeCain1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I agree. Would you be able to use voice text via kinect?