GS News - PS4 beats Xbox One in poll, Kinect is listening

Today in the news, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a 50Gb “uber file”, the PS4 beats the Xbox One in a poll and what are Kinect’s intentions for mankind?

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Evilsnuggle1666d ago

Any one who puts a live cameras in their home is a idot. NO thanks MicroSCAM.

ArchangelMike1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Anyway, I think buy now we all know PS4 is the preferred console going into next gen. XbOne will still sell through, but the gamers' choice is clearly PS4.

EDIT: I just don't get Kinect though. Seems like a Red Herring to me.

thrust1665d ago

So pretty much everyone who has a tv moby phone and a laptop?

nukeitall1665d ago

Anyone that listens to Evilsnuggle is an "idot"!

GTgamer1665d ago

Well one see's u in the dark so yeah that's a step up.

Hicken1665d ago

A TV has a live camera? And phones and laptops are positioned to watch your entire room? Didn't know that.

Evilsnuggle1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

So tv, laptops and cell phone have cameras that are on all the time. Wow that is new to me also xbone is designed to have a always on camera. So i will pass on a always on camera in my house . No thanks on a camera i don't want for a extra hundred dollars.

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ape0071665d ago

looooool, smart phones, smart TV's, laptops, Handhelds etc.... all those have cameras

Retroman1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

One gamer said:

"X1 is the god damn NSA box" haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Retroman1665d ago

anyone listen to nukeitall is a RED HERRING

GrandpaSnake1665d ago

i have two cell phones, 1 tablet , two pc's , two monitors , a ps3, 360 and 1 tablet....did i mention im broke.....