GTA Online: The GTA 5 o'clock verdict

Ahead of GTA Online's official launch on October 1, the GTA 5 o'clock team share their impressions from the closed beta test.

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SeanScythe1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Beeta isn't GTA Online. The Beeta doesn't count and this vid is crap. Yes I'm making fun of how you say Beta, the is no bee in the word.

ross-michaels1783d ago

I don't know why your making fun of him for saying beta like that. That's the why he pronounces it and if you look closely at the word there you'll see there is a B in it.

SeanScythe1783d ago

I really don't care, this guy puts up the GTA5 Online Verdict and all he has it still shots from the trailer and claims the have played the Beta....err Beeta sorry.