GTA Online: The First 20 Minutes

GodisaGeek: "As if the hype surrounding GTA V wasn’t enough, today sees the launch of the online portion, aptly called “GTA Online”. Unlocked via a 59mb update/patch (on Xbox 360, anyway) the servers are currently straining under the pressure of who knows how many people trying to play it right now.

Luckily, we managed to get 20 minutes of playtime before the game got stuck on a loading screen, and we’ve popped them below for you to see. The first 5 minutes is the character creation, followed by the introduction sequence, a race and then a drug deal. Later today we’ll have a further 20 minutes of GTA Online gameplay, only without any commentary this time."

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grumpc1751d ago

Just got home, kinda glad I didn't take the day off to play now judging by the problems. Sorry for people who did.

DEEBO1751d ago

i hope rockstar has the network problems fix before i get home.

GarrusVakarian1751d ago

Doubt it, only gonna get worse when the Americans get home from work and flood the servers even more.

GarrusVakarian1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


Chill, i wasn't cussing Americans i was saying that it makes sense that given the size of your country and the amount of people in it, the online will only get worse with the increased usage.

Im English btw. You don't even give your own country a capital A and you call me dumb? LOL.

KillerPwned1751d ago

I made two characters and neither were saved and still have yet to get into the game. Has anyone else encountered this US here.

hankmoody1751d ago

My first two characters ended up the victims of corrupted saves so I had to redo the character a total of three times. I did get to play for a bit finally and I had a blast. I got to race, knock over some drug dealers and punched another player in the face as he ran out of an alley and I sent him stumbling into the street where he got hit by another player trying to escape the cops.

matrixman921751d ago

cant even get passed character creation on ps3 version

MysticStrummer1751d ago

I was able to get past it by going into the single player game, then selecting Online from the menu. I think the problem is when it tries to save your character, but you can create a temporary character and at least roam the world. It worked for me anyway. I leveled up my stamina and driving a bit, but since it's a temp it won't save anyway.

AllroundGamer1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

i gave up for today, could only play solo for like 5 minutes and after the intro it just disconnected... hopefully after a week it will be playable. (PS3)

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The story is too old to be commented.