GamerZines | F1 2013 Review: 'Grabbing The Wheel With Both Hands'

GamerZines writes:

Much like the real-life Formula One World Championship, Codemasters F1 series is in a state of transition. With one eye focused on next year's game thanks to the impending arrival of powerful next-gen consoles, it's easy to get the impression that F1 2013 is a stop-gap. A moment of pause before numerous rule changes radically alter the nature of the sport Codemasters emulate.

Aside from the headline grabbing Classics mode which sees historical cars and tracks from the 1980s appear in-game to the delight of fans everywhere, much of F1 2013 on the surface at least seems similar to its 2012 counterpart. The regular game mode options of Career, Scenario (formerly Champions mode), Time Trial and Season Challenge have largely stayed the same. However as soon as you actually begin racing you'll discover numerous clever additions and tweaks which fundamentally alter the core driving experience in F1 2013.

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