Iron Man Demo Now On Xbox Live

The Iron Man: Video Game playable demo is now available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The download is 643.34 MB. See a video trailer of the gameplay here.

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Lucas223527d ago

damn playstation and their Thursday update strategy, i really hope they change that soon

kingme713527d ago

Yeah, no doubt. I don't understand that strategy. It will keep them from having their servers slammed every Thursday night, plus it enables them to get things out quickly.

THX71683527d ago

Don't even bother. I've loved Iron Man since I was a kid but this demo (and most likely the entire game will) sucked huge donkey balls. Really horrible. I shouldn't have expected much from a movie tie-in game, shame on me.

Will still be first in line for the movie though.

sak5003527d ago

Sweet. Downloading it now.

wow4u3527d ago

Me too. Pure awesome. Better than I expected.

Surfman3527d ago

i think it's the first movie-game that i actualy want to play.

Marceles3527d ago

Dammit, can't download it since I'm at work now. If anyone's at home downloading it, tell me if it sucks or not...

joydestroy3527d ago

it's alright. i think the controls need some more work.

BubblesDAVERAGE3527d ago

remote play would be good about now

Marceles3527d ago

if it was out on PSN as well, but it's not out on their yet :(

kingme713527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )


Once you have created a connection between the PSP and PS3, set the PS3 to remote play from the network icon. Now, on the PSP you go into remote play and it will connect via a Wifi, turn on your PS3 (if it was off) and then give you the screen on your PSP that you can navigate.

I forgot the details on how I synched up the PSP to the PS3 the first time I did it, but it wasn't anything tricky. You should be able to Google it.

Just to note, you can only play PS3 games on the PSP if they are setup for remote play. Alot of games aren't though. I use it alot for browsing the PS store from work or watching a video I downloaded.

romaink3527d ago

why would you want to play a game designed for HD on such a small screen. The idea is great but not realistic

potenquatro3527d ago

what ps3 games can u play on psp?i wanna try that out,but i can't with any of my games.

Marceles3527d ago

Lair and PixelJunk Monsters are fun to play over remote play

tweaker3527d ago

Don't forget High Stakes Poker and the whole PS1 library of games. Aquatopia and Chat also works if you have the PS Eye connected to the PS3.

kewlkat0073527d ago

but yeah what games can you play? are they slow in any way?

I can try connecting them tonight. So the PS3 has to stay on?

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The story is too old to be commented.