A Rough Start For Grand Theft Auto Online

Blaine Smith of MMOAttack writes:

Grand Theft Auto Online launched only moments ago but there's already plenty of ugly discussion taking place across the internet. Let me prefix by saying that Rockstar Games did warn players of the unavoidable problems that would coincide with opening the game to millions of players so those that took vacation time from work don't really have the grounds to complain.

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4logpc1782d ago

Its a much better start than a lot of online games with millions of players.

Ripsta7th1782d ago

No i hvent been able to play for a whole day, at least those other games come buggy but still playable

4logpc1782d ago

So because one player cant login means its an utter failure?

mafiahajeri1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

1 player huh? try hundreds and thousands...

monkey6021782d ago

I quite literally do not know anybody who could get online yesterday. Not one person

abusador1782d ago

Smfh, Some of those 10's for this game werent well deserved. I guess Rockstar knew their reviews would suffer due to the broken online and just didnt inlcude it. Conspiracy theory? I guess we will never know but one thing we do know is that those two weeks we had to wait were for nothing because nobody i know has been in an mp game. Also other games at launch get slammed for not having working mps!!!! yet Rockstar should get a pass? %uck outta here!!!!

AllBlue1782d ago

Online works for me right now(i live in europe).