GTA Online Character Editor Screenshots

Check out some first character editor screenshots from GTA Online.

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GarrusVakarian1634d ago

Do you HAVE to choose your grandparents? I don't really care for that feature and the way it affects the look of your character so i hope its not forced.

Aleithian1634d ago

From my experience with it earlier yes, you have to choose them.

MysticStrummer1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

It certainly seems forced to me. If there's a way around it, I couldn't find it. It's a terrible character creation process and I can't believe Rockstar decided to go with it.

Not only do you have to choose the grandparents, but you have to decide for each parent whether they look more like their mother or father, and then do the same for yourself. Then, just when you think you have it as close as you're gonna get it... you pick lifestyle settings which can further change your appearance for no apparent reason. I understand the clothes changing because of lifestyle, but why would hair color/style and facial hair change just because I sit on the couch a little more or less? It's really a bizarre system.

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Ripsta7th1634d ago

No you dont. You can leave it how is given

AngelicIceDiamond1634d ago

Well, if you want to make a character as close as you can imagine I suggest doing so.

My character turned out pretty well. The only thing is hes seems pretty damn tall, which I don't really mind to much. That might be do to the fact that his fitness is a bit higher than everything else. My characters stats are generally even.

From what I experienced, tinkering with the grandparants gives your character a more appropriate customized look based on what you want your character to look like.

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Aleithian1634d ago

It sucks. Massively disappointing. There's no reason they couldn't have included some of the cooler features, like lifestyles choices, within something like a Saint's Row-esque creation system.

OlgerO1634d ago

Damn i made my character but after that im unable to log in and actually play the game. just me ?

tigertron1634d ago

No, it's happened to me too. I made my character but can't connect. I assume that's the same for 99% of players.

Btw, terrible character creation system.

Aleithian1634d ago

You'll probably lose your character. It seems that if you create a character and can't host, you lose the character save. Not sure if it's universal, but it's happened to me every time.

OlgerO1634d ago

I know man and all the characters look ugly and fatheaded.

Ripsta7th1634d ago

Nah me either, it says unable to host a session

FullMetalTech1634d ago

No. alot of people are experiencing this. Right after the process and you go past the intro it locks up and kicks players back out.

CrossingEden1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Pfffttttt lol SHAUNNNNN

-Foxtrot1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

It's a shame the only special characters you can have is misty, Claude and Niko

Where is CJ, Tommy, Candy Suxx, Sweet, Kent Paul etc

My grandparents are Misty and John Marston :D

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