Microsoft slams GTA IV PS3 install time in PR mail

VG247 just published the following email from Microsoft UK PR:

With the OXM review hitting streets today, and your own preview impressions which are looking great, hopefully you'll all be a bit wiser as to the ins and outs of GTA IV now.

I'm sure you've all seen the chatter from the 1up GTA IV Preview on the PS3 install time….just a few thoughts on what you could do in this time if you were actually playing the 360 version from the moment you insert the disc….

· Steal your first dozen or so cars and test out the improved vehicle handling?

· Check out the cool features on your mobile phone?

· Rack up a 5 Star Wanted Rating?

· Have a blast of your first MP game on Xbox LIVE?

· Ditch the tracksuit chic and buy some new clothes?

· Unlock your first GTA IV Achievement and boost your Gamerscore?

….Or just start downloading a film from Xbox LIVE Video Store to watch later – check out the latest batch of arrivals this weekend!

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BigKev453414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Sucks for PS3.

sonarus3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

WOW. I never bought that microsoft desperate crap from gameplayer but now i have.

Its official folks. Microsoft is in a panic and they are desperate for those GTA4 sales.

I am really in shock that a multi billion dollar corporation can stoop to this level. I will laugh the hardest ever if the ps3 runs better with installs

tweaker3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Desperation at its finest. This goes to both Microsoft and BigKev45.

DomUltra3414d ago

Wow this is extremely desperate your right, actively attacking another company, this is low Microsoft, your clutching at straws.

sammy_mantra3414d ago

It is a sign of desperation from MS

see the preorder charts worldwide . which is leading?

a 5 min install for better FR is by no means bad and takes just 5 meg.

It is a shame that XBOX FANBOYS like you post in the GAme zone

Ariexv3414d ago

360 version leads Pre-orders by 2 to 1.

marinelife93414d ago

MS I know you're afraid of your competition but try not to show it. You should use Dry Idea from Gillette. "Never let them see you sweat!"

chaosatom3333414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

wait a sec. What the hell are we talking about here.

Whining about just a 5 min install, WOW.

-Even xbox has a INSTALL time, not only ps3 owners.
-Every xbox member is going to treat the install as mandatory, even if it is optional.

-WHY would an xbox person opt for no install and see gta not in TRUE GLORY the first time?

red_ring_of_death3414d ago

i dont care about a little install time
lag free online game play

sonarus3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

In NA. However even in NA analysts predict ps3 gaining bigger hardware sales(keep in mind just predictions). In the rest of the world, ps3 is ahead in pre orders and even sold out in some stores. Even the gamespot ceo said the pre orders between the two in NA are a lot closer than 2-1.

I think MSoft knows they will lose this battle and they are already preparing their supply issues speech

3414d ago
gaffyh3414d ago

It is quite pathetic that Microsoft feel the need to do this. 5 minutes is nothing to cry about. I swear this hurts MS more than it makes their GTA4 look good.

Alcohog3414d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing stupid!

3414d ago
Milky3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is partly why I would never buy an xbox 360.

chasuk083414d ago

at 1.5, wheres the evidence ?

Milky3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

And this , ladies and gentlemen, is partly why I would never buy an xbox 360.

edit: wtf ? why has this been posted twice ?

Megaton3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Trying to slam the PS3 for a mandatory 5 minute install time, which also happens to be optional on the 360? I expect spin from them, but this kind of desperation is just sad.

neil_19803414d ago

Ok so you could do one of those things if you had an xbox and chose not to install.

How many things could you do in GTA4 in the week where an xbox gets RROD and you have to send it away for a week?

Bit of a crap article really <rolls eyes>

Kojima touches kids3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

What sucks are PS3 owners with 20/40GB HDD's.

MANDATORY installs are increasing every month.

What next?

FEBRUARY Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet
MARCH Hot Shots Golf
APRIL Grand Theft Auto 4

Bubble Buddy3414d ago

i remember one person said sarcastically about a week ago "Soon MS and their fanboys will be boosting they get to play GTA4 5 minutes before the ps3 people do." Guess he/she was right.

Ri0tSquad3414d ago

BTW, what a big difference. 5 minutes? Whats 5 minutes when your going to be playing this game for over 60 hours? Lol, it's Microsoft's only argument when the game launches.

keony3414d ago


how low can you go?

juuken3414d ago

Sucks for you the most buddy.
Let's just hope your system doesn't RROD before the title screen comes up.

I sense desperaaaaaaaaaatiooooooooon.. .

calis3414d ago

@ 1.18 - That would be the funniest thing if Sony's PR mention what you could do while the 360 is RROD'd. lol.

jadenkorri3414d ago

whats sad is MS is grabing for straws that they can't be mature and complain about 5 mins, if it was 20 mins then maybe they would have something but 5 mins...cmon...i guess there just a bit worried about that 50 million investment...hey i don't mind...hey MS, Barbie's Dream house is coming to PS3 and 360, pay them 50 million dollars for exclusive...don't worry PS3 fanboys will be pissed and will drive some console sales for your 360.....

cyclindk3414d ago

You're intelligent, can I have some'o yur intelligence?

Alvadr3413d ago

Installs are the only disadvantage from having a blu-ray drive..

I think its only a tiny disadvantage compared to the benefits of smoother gameplay, watching hidef movies and getting monster games like MGS4.

Id choose a 5 min install over a clunky DVD drive every time.

Sorry MS, nice try but your not going to make anyone switch to the GTA360 with lame comments like that.

TheGamer3411d ago

You can

1) RROD --> Dont read any further
2) If 1 didnt happen then you can insert disc # 2 to test the cars you stole --> oh wait the game has only one disc. They cut down the graphics to put everything in one disc.
3) RROD by now definitely --> dont read any further
4) If you are still reading then its a PS3 and not a 360!!!!!

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Ninja_Moomin3414d ago


They really are getting desperate

Hydrolex3414d ago

Can't you wait 5 more minutes to get rid of ugly graphics and Frame rate drops ?

LOL then Microsoft has nothing to say

3414d ago
Squeezle3414d ago

Are they serious? That is just sad.

Genuine3414d ago

Lol, c'mon isn't it obvious that they are joking around? You guys are quick to throw stones, but I'll bet you have forgotten these "Sony Gems".

deeznuts3414d ago

Of course. They are only saying this because they didn't make the HDD standard across their consoles. It's called regresssion, not innovation with MS. As their original X had a standard HDD.

Nothing wrong with doing it though, it's smart for their business.

NO_PUDding3414d ago

Genuine, the reaosn this is sad becuase 5 minutes time difference for a better experience, for ONE game, is an awful reason to bash. It just makes them look stupid.

the 360 is alwasy gonna be HDDless unless you buy one. That was a mistake. And Effects everythign, especially their cliam they are interested in DLC.

MADGameR3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

NO it does'nt suck for PS3 owners. But it DOES suck for 360 owners why? Because the PS3 HDs are REMOVABLE AND upgradable to BIGGER storage! 360 does'nt...simple as that!