Grand Theft Auto Online Servers Struggle Under Strain

Well, it had to be expected. Although some have managed to get into GTA Online without issue and are playing it lag-free, others are needing to wait to get into a server, with some having to hold out for over twenty minutes. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 players don't even have their patch.


The PS3 update - 1.01 - is now available to download.

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GarrusVakarian1033d ago

As the article says, its to be expected. Like trying to fit a basketball through a garden hose, lol.

Spinal1033d ago

Lol exactly. Good thing I've been playing the BF4 beta in the meanwhile an it's damn good fun.

Reverent1033d ago

Assuming you aren't getting lag spikes up the ass. Even with the beta drivers, trying to play in any server is just a pain at the moment.

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The_Con-Sept1033d ago

Doesn't matter to me. I'll be playing TLOU for a while anyway. Interrogation anyone?

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RVanner_1032d ago

Jumping in the Beta tonight, PC Beta ok?

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Saints941033d ago

Lost connection during a heist :(

Koyes1033d ago

Heists are not part of Gta Online yet

Saints941033d ago

I meant to say during a stick up

Saints941033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )


3-4-51033d ago

@ Koyes - Yea they are. Just read about them in my Game Informer yesterday. They did a 3 page spread JUST on the Online portion of the game and heists are definitely in the game.

ThanatosDMC1032d ago

I havent been able to connect once yet. You're lucky.

For those people who want to see the intro cutscene, go to the pause menu and start GTAO via Solo Session. It'll fail right before the race begins though.

Koyes1032d ago


They are not included day one. They will be included later on

Syntax-Error1032d ago

@3-4-5, They are not in available yet. You should try comprehending 101. It helps in todays world and doesn't make you look like an idiot

3-4-51032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

@ Syntax - Sorry for trusting what I read in a respectable gaming magazine then.

You need a house with a heist board. You need to earn enough money to buy a house that has one, so yea you need enough money to do so and not everyone in the group needs a house, just one person.

It is in the game, the code is there.

Isn't there supposed to be an apostrophe in Today's ?

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Abdou0231033d ago

Is it built on Dedicated servers ?

Saints941033d ago

When I couldn't connect it said " can't connect to Rockstar's CLOUD servers".

Abdou0231033d ago

Whatever the hell that means....

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1033d ago

Abdou023 + 4h ago
Is it built on Dedicated servers ?

I doubt it.

Insomnia_841033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Not even the solo sessions work properly. Screw this! This is stressind me out. Not going online until they release a patch, add more servers or whatever.

GarrusVakarian1033d ago

Relax, what did you expect? Millions of people are trying to access the game at the same time, i would be astounded if it was smooth sailing straight away.

MxRBrobaFett1033d ago

THIS is stressing you out?

Insomnia_841033d ago

Like I stated a few days ago, they should've released a public beta like every other big MP game out there.

fattyuk1032d ago

Would you like a lollipop insomnia??

A closed beta with a small amount of people wouldn't help the fact when it goes live (as it has) and there's millions of people all trying to connect at once.

Don't see why your complaining Rockstar even said pre launch to expect this!

Funnymonkey0131032d ago

I know right whenever I try to do solo I end up back to sp mode after the race comes up. Wish they did a better job at releasing the online or yet not releasing till the online is bug free and not lagging at all.

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Big_B0SS1032d ago

Love how R* gets a free pass on everything.

The single player is a glitch fest and the microtransactions thing is ridiculas no matter who does it.

If a company like Bethesda or Bioware does something like this they are put on a cross and the media and gamers jump on them like a pack of wolfes.

resi51032d ago

The only glitchive come across is the disappearing cars from garages

Panthers1032d ago

Woah, Bethesda games are a MILLION times worse than anything I've encountered in GTA5 when it comes to glitches. I havent had any issues with GTA yet except the game freezing on me once.

Audiggity1032d ago

Hey Big_B0SS...

You are so far from being accurate that I actually winced in pain when I read your comment. WTF are you talking about? "Glitch fest" and "Microtransactions". .. this is what R* "gets a free pass" on?

A. It is far from a Glitch Fest - I honestly can't believe how smooth the single player game is considering the ambition of the project

B. Have you even seen the microtransactions in... ummm... action? Considering the lack of people getting to play GTA Online right now, I highly doubt you've been able to form a sound opinion on this

Bethesda's open-world games are PLAGUED with glitches and small bugs, the media and the players don't jump on them like a pack wolves. I think that intelligent players that appreciate Bethesda and Rockstar understand that when a game that is nearly limitless in terms of what you do and when you do it - there will be issues. I think Bethesda is fantastic, even with the glitches. I think Rockstar is better, even if they had anywhere near the number of glitches/bugs. (I'm comparing GTA V to Skyrim)

Just stop whining.

TheSaint1032d ago

I used to know a chick that could do that.

CuddlyREDRUM1032d ago

You can fit microtransactions and pay to win through a garden hose?

CuddlyREDRUM1032d ago

I don't know, maybe they should just ditch the pay to win model, Spoons?

Might clear up the server stress.

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jessupj1033d ago

Was able to create a character, but I'm getting a 'can't host game' error. This is the PSN version.

Has failed 5 times now. I doubt I'll be able to play tonight.

HeyImBen111033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

same for me. But i have hops because im european all the 'muricans are going to slee in a few hours and the servers get less capacity. lol.

Saints941033d ago

It's 8 am in the east coast, people are starting to wake up.

HarryMasonHerpderp1033d ago

America is roughly 6 hours behind us.

paul-p19881033d ago

Play tomorrow morning, i'm in the UK, all the Americans will be asleep then. Gonna try tonight but if not i'll play at 6am before i go to work lol

Audiggity1032d ago


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LonDonE1033d ago

am on ps3 got the online patch at 12pm on the dot, however online is not working, obviously the servers are overloaded, how did rock star not anticipate this? they have broke records with sales, and so should have a rough idea how many users their are, and after waiting 2 weeks to play online, and then not being able too is annoying as hell!!

Meanwhile BF4 beta on PS3 is working perfectly LOLOLOL

FunkMacNasty1033d ago

"how did rock star not anticipate this?"

They Did. There have been like 20 news articles on N4G this week and last week quoting Rockstar spokespeople saying they expected a bumpy launch due to the ambition of such a large online game. Hell, Rockstar even put on their website a disclaimer about likely bugs, server crashes, and glitches that will be present during the first few days that GTA online is up and running.

How did YOU not anticipate this???

Audiggity1032d ago

How did you get more Agrees than Disagrees? Haha. That makes me want to delete my N4G account.

I agree w/ FunkMacNasty - not sure what you were expecting LonDonE. Have fun w/ BF4!

Big_B0SS1032d ago

This is what happens when you are too cocky and do not want to Beta test your game.

Never understood why R* does not do Betas and demos.

PsylentKiller1033d ago

I can't get past the character creation screen. It's like FFXIV all over again. 1017 I hate you. Lol

Wizziokid1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

been trying for 30 minutes and all I get is 'failed'.

Was expected i guess but Rockstar could have done some stress tests before release

TotalSynthesisX1033d ago

I managed to do the very first mission racing Lamar but that's as far as I got before it kicked me off. Now it's telling me my character can't be loaded. Sigh... No biggie though, this wasn't exactly unexpected.

Wizziokid1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

NOTE: If you start a solo session you can play.

Working for me now, just access online through the pause menu not through the phone

limewax1033d ago

That gets me past the opening scene but still disconnects before I can start the activity. I don't get why I'm getting disconnected in a solo game