GTA Online goes LIVE, 60MB Patch Required

GTA Online has gone live and there's a 60MB patch required.

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Vip3r945d ago

Should be a week at least before most people are able to play it.

Total server overload.

roadkillers945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

There has got to be at least 5 million people trying it out when it goes live right? More then likely won't run smoothly. From what I have heard Xbox owners can only download the patch and they are having some difficulties. No rush though, it's not like they didn't include a totally exhilarating single player while I wait.

MooseWI945d ago

Not sure why you said that, people are playing it just fine...

Vip3r945d ago

Yeah because it's just been release and it's only 11am here in the UK and 5am or something in the US. Wait 7 hours when people finish work then the servers will be packed.


Wizziokid945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

hmm just turned my GTA V on, no patch??

According to the article it's live in the UK but it's not for me

Edit: just looked on Twitch, people are playing it.

@Smurf1 thank's for the update

Smurf1945d ago

Xbox 360 version has gone live, but PSN one is being rolled out slowly.


Crap box first......ugh hope this shit ends with ps4

roadkillers945d ago

Haha, Microsoft and their damn add-on patch timed exclusivity.

portal_2945d ago

I think it's just the certification process for patches with both companies.

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