GamerTM: UEFA Euro 2008 Review

With many Pro Evo fans starting to question their faith as the Konami franchise stagnates, Euro 2008 offers hope for the future – if EA continues to develop and apply the kind of improvements seen here, the next FIFA will almost definitely be a unanimous fan favourite if PES doesn't raise its game.

Okay, so it's basically just a streamlined version of FIFA 08 with new trimmings but look beyond this and there's a world of ball-kicking goodness to be enjoyed. Its decidedly stunted nature makes it a far more appealing choice for the multiplayer gamer but even so, it's still one of the better footy games of this generation.

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ninja_united3808d ago

thats the big difference between EURO08 and FIFA08, nice work.
the only thing i miss from pes games is the formations switch on pitch I REALLY NEED IT ¡¡¡
EURO08 is a nice surprise hopefully the next fifa will include that formation option