Shuhei Yoshida wants a share button on DS3′s – Fans want GTA V on PS4 – Will it ever happen?

President of Sony worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, expressed his wishes for a share button on DualShock 3′s for PS3, implying that he wants GTA V on PS4 to be able to share videos of him playing the game.

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GarrusVakarian1783d ago

I really hope so. Next gen and PC releases would do this game so much justice.

FamilyGuy1783d ago

I want DS4s on PS3, the triggers and tight responsiveness of the new analogue sticks at least.

sprinterboy1783d ago

My tv and ps3 got hdmi issues so sold my ps3, here's hoping gta, beyond2souls, puppeteer, rain and batman get ported over to ps4, gutted my ps3 and tv had issues with hdcp, only needed a few more months use from ps3. Seriously hoping my ps4 does not have the hdmi issue when I get my ps4 home or its straight to currys for a new tv

SeanScythe1783d ago

just hold the power button until it double beeps. That fixes the HDCP issue.

sprinterboy1777d ago

Sony sent me a replacement ps3 and the tv still does not connect to hdmi dude, the problem is more than a reset bra. Sony can't confirm my tv will be able to connect to my ps4 either, problem started after a power cut, my sky tv still works via the hdmi socket but ps3 won't bra

sprinterboy1782d ago

I obviously know that bra, type in "handshake hdmi issues ps3" that will explain things for you