Battlefield 4 VS. Call of Duty: Ghosts

From "No one can really deny that, for years, Call of Duty dominated the first-person-shooter market. Not that we need to go into the backstory, but that franchise quickly became an entertainment powerhouse, spawning its own built-in audience. The fact that, for a while at least, it lacked a credible opponent also meant that it was given crucial time to entrench itself into the minds of gamers around the world. Lately though, EA have been stepping up to the plate: a perky David trying to take on Activision’s towering goliath".

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Wizziokid1515d ago

No competition, like always BF > COD.

B-radical1515d ago

Agreed i see bf selling more units on next gen tbh

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1515d ago

BF4 poops on Cod fish ghosts.

MWong1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

BATTLEFIELD all day everyday is the clear winner.

I agree with the article to me the multiplayer for COD is an arcade shooter vs BF which is all out warfare. I don't know, COD's formula has pretty much been the same for the last 5 games. BF is constantly trying to improve the game (both SP & MP), meaning they aren't resting on what they've built and are hungry. This makes BF the clear winner to me.

WarThunder1515d ago

BF is Arcade just like COD....

Kleptic1515d ago

BF obviously merges more towards 'arcade' than something like ARMA...but the arcade nature of BF vs. CoD is night and day...not in any way similar...

I don't know why so many insist on comparing them so directly...the only thing to compare is that they are clearly the 2 big fps franchises right now...I know part of the comparisons are EA's fault; out right attacking their competition in marketing campaigns...but still...the games play very differently...

The main difference between BF and CoD is ease of access...CoD takes minutes to get into and become competitive...BF takes can either love or hate that, but its clearly a fact for anyone that has played a lot of competitive shooters...

chrissx1515d ago

Battlefield 4 is the clear winner IMO

MizTv1515d ago

Bf4 just looks so much more than ghost

jhnquantum511515d ago

Call of duty is like apple. same product, different name

nope1111515d ago

Why is this even a debate? BF is an automatic winner.

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The story is too old to be commented.