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Battlefield 4 VS. Call of Duty: Ghosts

From Strategyinformer.com: "No one can really deny that, for years, Call of Duty dominated the first-person-shooter market. Not that we need to go into the backstory, but that franchise quickly became an entertainment powerhouse, spawning its own built-in audience. The fact that, for a while at least, it lacked a credible opponent also meant that it was given crucial time to entrench itself into the minds of gamers around the world. Lately though, EA have been stepping up to the plate: a perky David trying to take on Activision’s towering goliath". (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Wizziokid  +   542d ago
No competition, like always BF > COD.
B-radical  +   542d ago
Agreed i see bf selling more units on next gen tbh
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   542d ago
BF4 poops on Cod fish ghosts.
MWong  +   542d ago
BATTLEFIELD all day everyday is the clear winner.

I agree with the article to me the multiplayer for COD is an arcade shooter vs BF which is all out warfare. I don't know, COD's formula has pretty much been the same for the last 5 games. BF is constantly trying to improve the game (both SP & MP), meaning they aren't resting on what they've built and are hungry. This makes BF the clear winner to me.
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WarThunder  +   542d ago
BF is Arcade just like COD....
Kleptic  +   542d ago
BF obviously merges more towards 'arcade' than something like ARMA...but the arcade nature of BF vs. CoD is night and day...not in any way similar...

I don't know why so many insist on comparing them so directly...the only thing to compare is that they are clearly the 2 big fps franchises right now...I know part of the comparisons are EA's fault; out right attacking their competition in marketing campaigns...but still...the games play very differently...

The main difference between BF and CoD is ease of access...CoD takes minutes to get into and become competitive...BF takes days...you can either love or hate that, but its clearly a fact for anyone that has played a lot of competitive shooters...
chrissx  +   542d ago
Battlefield 4 is the clear winner IMO
MizTv  +   542d ago
Bf4 just looks so much more than ghost
jhnquantum51  +   542d ago
Call of duty is like apple. same product, different name
nope111  +   542d ago
Why is this even a debate? BF is an automatic winner.
WarThunder  +   542d ago

For me Metro Last light is better than both...
Raccoon  +   542d ago
Its COD VS BF4... So i guess youre off topic...
HeyImBen11  +   542d ago
Wtf, ulra fanboy.
WarThunder  +   542d ago
Fanboy of what? Imo i think both COD and BF4 are highly overhyped and exaggerated.

Both feel generic and uninspired/ gull games...
I think there are many FPS games that are better and more fun than those 2 games....And one of them is Metro Last light (great story, solid gameplay, great graphics) and highly under hyped...

I bet 8 ppl who thumbed me down are 10 or have a brain of a 10 years old kid...
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Kleptic  +   542d ago
so you're now comparing single player portions of these 3 games?

w/e...BF shouldn't even have a single player imo...but sure, if you like running around at night shooting deformed mutant bears and her cubs more than playing competitively online...thats cool...

just saying...your comparison isn't very good...
HeyImBen11  +   542d ago
1.) This here is about BF4 and Cod ghosts, nothing else
2.) Cod and BF are being played because of the MP, your thing doesn't even have it
3.) You are just a ultra fanboy, commenting on something where it doesn't belong and tell everyone that you think something completely different is better, lol.

Just look at your picture, you probably like this game more than your family.

"I bet 8 ppl who thumbed me down are 10 or have a brain of a 10 years old kid..."

Are you really that stupid? Thnaks for saying that, i don't have to take you serious.
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_LarZen_  +   542d ago
One cant compare them, it's like comparing Solitaire to Minesweeper.
Welshy  +   542d ago
hold your horses...

Did you just dis Minesweeper? You, sir, should be ashamed >8(
AnthonyJrWTF  +   540d ago
I believe he meant they're two different games at the core.
Welshy  +   540d ago
It was a joke lol.

I was suggesting Minesweeper was better than COD :P
Despite both just being rehashes. CoD actually looks to improve more this time around on the CoD franchise than BF3.5 improves on with the BF franchise.
Matt666  +   542d ago
not really everything COD are doing have been in BF for a long time for example like dynamic enviroment and character customization, so BF wins every single time
mhunterjr  +   542d ago
The only similarity between the two franchises is the military theme. That said, I myself am quite surprised that battlefield has yet to catch COD in terms of sales. Battlefield always seems to push its boundaries, while COD hasn't really seen an substantial improvements over the last few years.
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Kleptic  +   542d ago
ease of access...CoD is EASY...no other way to put it...there is no other competitive game that keeps the worst players and best players as close to each other...Within 5 minutes any one of us could be storming around racking up kill streaks and having fun...This is not a criticism of the game, it's just my opinion on why it remains so popular...For me personally though, the steam ran out with CoD4, in which after a few hundred hours of that i needed something with a bit more depth again...

BF on the other hand...take a group of new players and throw them in with even some mildly experienced players...and they'll quickly wonder why they paid $60...Its not just the mechanics being incredibly different, its the scope of the objectives, being threatened from distances 20x bigger than any CoD map, and the importance of team work...which cod has never pushed for...

Remember, sales only point to popularity...not quality...I'm sure Miley Cyrus is selling plenty of music, but other than a handful of people with questionable taste...It would be hard to prove its the 'best' based on the amount sold...Cod is no different than that...the gaming industry is the only entertainment division where people seem to base how great something is on how many units it moves...
mhunterjr  +   542d ago
I get what your saying. But I just would have assumed more people would have taken the same type i took:

I started out with cod, and played ask of the infinity ward games up until mw2. By that time the gameplay was pretty stale and I moved on to the depth of Battlefield.

I understand the simple nature of cod is appealing to new players. I'm just shocked more old players haven't grown tired of it and moved to Battlefield.
Kleptic  +   542d ago
yeah...I think CoD manages to get not only 'vets', but even more new players every year...

I think the reality of what happens isn't quite in line with you and I for example...I played the crap out of the first MW...grew tired of it...but still remained interested in competitive shooters and got back in to BF as a franchise around BC2 (didn't care for bc1)...then Bf3 ended up being my most played game of this entire generation...

but, for a pile of people...it doesn't work like that...for every cod player that 'moved on', there are probably 10x more than simply stop altogether...meaning CoD grabs 10s of millions each year...year after year a chunk of them keep buying the next cod...and probably just as many kind of get out of the genre entirely...and an even smaller amount move on to something more complicated...

Just saying...I think a lot of players get bored with CoD after a while...but not all of them think something more complicated is the answer...so just because a player gets bored with Cod, they don't automatically move on to BF...they move on to any number of other games or even hobbies haha...I bet that is a main reason that BF will arguably never catch up to CoD in terms of sales or player count...
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PsylentKiller  +   540d ago

CoD provides an even playing field for the most part and is easy to learn. That is most likely the reason why so many people buy it. BF has always had a steeper learning curve, not only because of the vehicles but the larger maps and the guns are harder to use. Both are great at what they do but CoD appeals more to the masses. Although, this time around, the multiplayer perk system seems too big and complicated for the casual gamer. BF4 doesn't really have perks, the focus is more on the guns and vehicles which gives off a much simpler vibe than the completion.
I'm getting both because they are two completely different experiences but I think BF4 is going to drastically cut into CoD's profits this year.
Mista_Hayes  +   536d ago
Call of Duty: Ghost will outsell Battlefield 4 by the millions. Fanboy or not stop lying to yourself Battlefield has never outsold Call of Duty nor will it happen anytime soon. For Ghost actually looks better entertaining this time around. Call of Duty owns the world of FPS.
XxDJxAssualtxX  +   535d ago
I like BF4 better because its better troll,more realistic,good real weaponary,destructile enviorment and good graphics but for me the best of all is the vechiles

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