360 Dashboard Update 'Bricking' Modded Consoles

In the past week, there have been reports of Microsoft attempting to sniff our users hacking their Xbox 360, with a number of innocent victims who haven't cracked open their machine caught in the crossfire. The march to eliminate piracy stepped up with today's early morning dashboard update, as Microsoft implemented security updates that "brick" consoles -- which basically makes your Xbox 360 useless -- with modified firmware.

Figuring out a workaround, however, didn't take long. The message boards at Xbox Scene, which follows Xbox-related hardware and software modifications by the modding community, had dozens of users working together to figure out what changes Microsoft's made this time around. Very quickly, however, they discovered that removing the modified firmware solved the issue (and for Microsoft, at least temporarily). Hardcore PSP users have run into the same issue with Sony, leading to a firmware "war" with each new update.

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rj813942d ago

Screw the modders over!

icdedppl3942d ago

lol, did you read the whole news story? the modders already figured out a workaround...

FordGTGuy3942d ago

"they discovered that removing the modified firmware solved the issue (and for Microsoft, at least temporarily)"

dude they made it unmodified.

MoonDust3942d ago

that will stop them, all.

shotty3942d ago

How is removing the modding the hackers offence. Thats what microsoft wanted in the first place isn't it. No mods, so if you want to use your xbox 360 please remove the mods.

Arkham3942d ago

Too bad MS couldn't harness the 360's over-heating power in order to fry modded boxes... That'd learn those modders! ;)

Mikey_Gee3942d ago

Are you still stuck with the overheat issues on the release consoles way back in ..... 1995 ??

Sh!t ... move on !!

Arkham3942d ago

What are you babbling about? I was joking about MS figuring out a way to force some vulnerable 360 consoles to manually overheat and torch the modders. Relax! It was a funny image. Don't be so sore.