Kojima Disappointed With Metal Gear Solid 4

Kotaku writes:

"Looks like Kojima Jr. isn't the only one disappointed with Metal Gear Solid. The latest issue of the UK's Edge magazine contains an interview with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, who expresses disappointment with the latest game in the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It isn't so much the gameplay itself as it is the graphics."

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Violater3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

selling my ps3 as i type this.


suedester3896d ago

I don't think Kojima will ever be satisfied with his games. The joy of being a perfectionist (something I wouldn't know about!).

Palodios3896d ago

Kojima just has incredibly high standards. This is taken wayy out of context. He had a vision, and the canvas just wasn't there yet. Maybe next generation, it'll be perfect, but it doesn't say anything negative about the ps3, only about our generation of gaming.

ruibing3896d ago

He's too harsh with himself and his team. They built MGS4 on a first generation engine for a platform that has a steep learning curve. This isn't like in MGS3 when they already had experience from MGS2. The previews are already pretty much blown away by the immersion level of the game engine.

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Vertius3896d ago

Violator does have a PS3. I played against him in Warhawk once. And notice the sarcasm tag.

sonarus3896d ago

lol. For a 50GB game with some what open gameplay in the sense of multiple paths, crazy special effects possibly 1080p/60fps and graphics that exceed gears of war...i guess i would be disappointed too. lol

Dannagar3896d ago

Kojima complains about the graphic; however it's the game play that really matters. And he seems convinced that the game play is what he envisioned. I think that is the important factor.

ip-student3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

While I appreciate the power in the PS3 and XBOX 360 - they both fall short of allowing developers to do what they want. Everyone would have been better off with a more powerful dual-core CPU. The problem is that Intel owned the IP for that and MS found out the hard way that if you don't own the IP you cannot reduce the cost sufficiently.

Or to put it another way - I suspect we would have a lot more powerful console if we all had 2.4 Ghz core 2 duo chips. Out of order instructions would crank and we would see a lot better AI, etc. Instead we have stripped down chips that have strengths but a lot of weaknesses. Still, I suspect there is still a lot of untapped power in both consoles and we will continue to see improvements over time.

By the way - don't hold your breath for 1080p/60 - it ain't happening for anything but the most simple graphics - the GPU in the PS3/360 cannot handle the resolution.

RobotIsTheFuture3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

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RacingX3896d ago

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microsoftsux0rz3896d ago

PeOpLe R DuM

KoJima wuznt even trying wen he maed MGS4

if He WuZ tRyinG it woD be the besT game ever not bad liek M$ gameZ

gambare3896d ago

an artist is never satisfied with his work

Bonsai12143896d ago

i can picture it now. ZOE3, one seamless world where you can go in and out of atmosphere at will. its something to aim for.. haha

ravinash3896d ago

"Kojima just has incredibly high standards..... He had a vision, and the canvas just wasn't there yet. Maybe next generation"

Your right, but I expect no matter what level the latest technology is, Kojima will always be two steps ahead of it.

TresTrendu3896d ago

I am just as disapointed at the graphics as he is.

Mr_Bun3896d ago

He is just downplaying the game so that everyone will be like "wow, I don't know what he was talking about...the game rocks!"

...It is kind of like telling people you suck at Canasta so that they have low expectations but then when you actually play and destroy your opponent you say, "Maybe I am not so bad at Canasta...sucka!"

Milky3896d ago

Could someone tell me if the graphics in MGS4 are good ? I havent seen much gameplay because I dont want to spoil the MGS4 experience. Thanks in advance.

Kojima touches kids3896d ago

The excuses people are coming up with to defend the PS3 are hilarious. The technical limitations on the PS3 are becoming more obvious.

It is a fact, that if Kojima made this for the 360. The graphics would be superior and he would be happy with it.

theKiller3896d ago

the game is a master piece, but kojima was dreaming of the unlimited power of ps3 and he thought ps3 is a super computer so he got disappointed, ps3 is 400$ u cant expect 400$ machine to be equal with 10000$ machine!!

and about the graphics, well i can check some pics from within the game, its almost like uncharted if not better, but i cant really say because mgs4 is a huge game and there is a lot in the environment than uncharted but its very high graphic game!

i think he should make another game after 3 years, when everybody have much better understanding of the ps3 hardware!

NO_PUDding3896d ago

I think maybe time constraints effected this somewhat.

We can all be sure, if he's not satisfied with the PS3 he won't be satisfied with 360 ever.

I just hate to think that what he was dreaming up will never come to fruition.

Transporter473896d ago

well you know knowing kojima if he wanted to build his ultimate game the only he can do it is on a computer, because they have the least restraint of anything, but then again graphics can only go so far with the technology the Ps3 has, and to max out the cell processor is pretty amazing i must say, that is why Kojima is a legend, and artists never reach perfection because they can only do so much but Kojima he knows what he wants that is for sure

lawman11083895d ago

He should be disappointed. Maybe when they put it on the 360n 6 months later and get all of that cash then he will be happy.

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solar3896d ago

perfectionists are never happy. :P

im buying the game reguardless.

Marceles3896d ago

Exactly, this shouldn't sway anyone from buying it...I don't remember him ever saying he was satisfied with any of his MGS games. I can tell how the comments are going to go over from the "other" camp as well...just read the kotaku comments.

Homicide3896d ago

It's a good thing he isn't a video game reviewer, or else the fanboys would've send him death threats. Still buying the game.

kingOVsticks3896d ago

is never happy like others have already said a perfectionist which is a good thing. He can complain all he wants about how the graphics aren't where he wants them to be he can make sure the next MG installment is where he feels meets his expectations. If he decides he wants to be apart of it.

Qbanboi3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Man, i don't get where he is going with this. I mean, only two things comes to my mind.

1. He's just trying to take a little of HYPE out the game, we all know that SUPERHYPE games usually boom.

2. He really mean it. He hate doing MGS4 and his favorite console is the Wii.

Nothing good will come from saying what he said. People like me that already love the serie will still buy the game. But new people who know nothing about the game will just don't buy it (why buy it?, the developer said the game sucked). Either way, they will only end losing money. Another thing, come on Kojima, this is like the first and half year of the Ps3 did you actually tough you were going to make the best looking game ever? Do another game, and i bet it will look a millions times better. But if you don't want to wait, just go join Crytek and do the best looking game ever but no computer on earth could play.

pimpinal883893d ago

I think it would be great if we found out that kojima was just playing a joke on us, u know, messin with our heads again.

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PS360WII3896d ago

yeah he's being pretty critical of himself and he still says they have made progress just not as much as he wanted which any game maker could say really.

rogimusprime3896d ago

he should just commit seppuku then, or throw himself off a Tokyo High rise like so many other J-

OK, so maybe that's going too far. We'll see how ZOE 3 turns out if it ever happens....THEN he can off himself!

(not serious for all your crybabies out there)

Captain Tuttle3896d ago

Well this should be good for a laugh or 2.