GTA Online Details: Game Day Access Info and More

Rockstar Games writes: "With just hours remaining until the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, here’s some more information to share to help get everyone ready for tomorrow. You can also look forward to plenty of GTA Online game tips and other community support features to roll out at the Rockstar Games Social Club website tomorrow as well – expect tutorial tips to be updated regularly as new content is added to GTA Online."

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Pintheshadows1725d ago

I like the way the shadow is still cast correctly behind him.

1725d ago
HammadTheBeast1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


Guess I'm waking up early tomorrow.

LightSamus1725d ago

That's 12 noon for any UK folks like myself :)

GarrusVakarian1725d ago

Nice! Glad its early in the day and not the evening/night.

Jeff2571725d ago

I get off work at 7am est. So I will be able to play it for a few hours before having to go to bed so I can go back to work tomorrow night. Then straight up nothing but GTA online from Wednesday to Sunday morning.

jessupj1725d ago

It;s 5:30 pm here is Australia. Almost gonna be the 2nd Oct before it comes online...

I forget when companies say one date they really mean the next day, for me anyway.

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maximus19851725d ago

MUAHAHAHA ill be waiting by the ATMS of los santos but you wont see me :)

HammadTheBeast1725d ago

Don't worry, I'll have a couple of stickies there to keep you company :D

maximus19851725d ago

i am "Arsin100" PSN ...fear me

Heisenburger1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

You see, this is EXACTLY why I won't go anywhere without my p.i.c.

You'll be waitin by the *atms?

Well the joke is on you. As you open fire on my partner, likely killing him, I will have already ran away.

Now who's the fool?

:D lmao

Ot: I am so excited to play this. I just finished the story about an hour ago. Gonna watch Conan, go to sleep, then wake up and play!

Bathyj1725d ago

XBL and PSN are about to slow to a crawl.

ZombieKiller1724d ago

I love the disagree to your statement. There is 1 poor soul out there that is SUCH a fanboy (despite the console) that they believe that the servers won't be afftected.

-I can hear it now lol....


I just hope they bring it to ps4 so I can make funny videos out of the share feature.

Bathyj1724d ago

The sharing function was made for GTA. It HAS to come to next gen for that reason alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.