ACIV's Lead Writer Explains Why There's No Plans for a Modern Day Assassin's Creed

Since the very first Assassin’s Creed, we’ve been treated to short glimpses of a modern day/near-future world, but an Assassin’s Creed game has yet to be fully set in a modern day location. - PSLS

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-Foxtrot1697d ago

I still believe since Watchdogs has been in production for years (as they say) that in the early stages of development before they decided to milk AC that WatchDogs was the first plan for AC3 when it was still a trilogy.

phantomexe1697d ago

I'm not sure AC3 but i think it was supose to be an AC game set in modern times. I agree it looks like where they almost went. I picture modern day assassins being like hackers. I just alwasy have but still fast with a blade.

CrossingEden1697d ago

They've wrote the story for the entire series since the first game. Watch dogs was never meant to be part of the series, so basically you are grasping at straws.

PhantomT14121697d ago

Very likely. Assassin's Creed itself was born the same way from Prince of Persia.

sarcastoid1697d ago

"They were scared to give watchdogs the AC name because of possible revolt against the brand." - Me

...I have no idea but that sounded like the most fun reason.

alexkoepp1697d ago

How about you give the series an f'n break ubi and come back to it in a few years... AC and CoD have been run into the ground, you need a 2 year minimum cycle not every year... give it a rest and come up with some new IP's...

CrossingEden1697d ago

I love when people say that ubisoft of all people need to create new ips. When they're creating THE MOST NEW IPS, especially for next gen out of every studio.
Watch Dogs
The Division
South Park:Stick of Truth

_QQ_1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Child of light looks amazing too.

alexkoepp1697d ago

Maybe they are, but Assassins Creed was going to be a trilogy, now there are 5 games and counting? I thought I read an article they already have the series planned out another like 10-15 years... that is ridiculous, the series has already lost its magic...

Watch Dogs - looks super lame, GTA but instead of doing heists you get to hack video cameras... way cool...

Driveclub - lame

The Division - this one does look cool, but fix Recon and Rainbow too...

South Park:Stick of Truth - flip a coin, I like south park but we've seen like nothing gameplay wise from this, could be awesome or super lame

shivvy241697d ago

Driveclubs by sony, I think u meant the crew

Ghostdogg1697d ago

I think AC with a modern setting would probably do the series some justice but they would really need to put serious effort in to it like not making the story weak like in AC3. I guess watch dogs is the closest thing to that. For now at least

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