Should First-Person Shooters Follow the Geneva Conventions?

The international humanitarian organization, The Red Cross, is asking game developers to follow international laws of war when developing war-themed video games.

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PoSTedUP1695d ago

our governments dont even follow the geneva convention!!!!.....'the **** outta here.

Septic1694d ago

LMAO! Best possible response to this article.

Anthotis1694d ago

Sums up this nonsense perfectly.

Bubble for you.

Wintersun6161694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

What next? Drive according to the rules in GTA? Only hunt during hunting season in GTA?

This is ridiculous.

Ripsta7th1694d ago

We are trying to be controlled in the digital world :0

Grave1694d ago

I definitely know what's next. They'll try to tax the money you make in GTA Online!

DragonKnight1694d ago

Yes, because according to Jack Thomson, when you kill someone in a video game, you are killing real innocent people.

"Enjoy killing people. And you aren't killing virtual people. You are killing real people. You are an apologist for an industry that knowingly trains people how to kill and to want to kill."

GTFO with that kind of B.S. How many people in this world are so stupid that they forget that these are GAMES! They aren't real. They are fictional worlds with fictional characters doing fictional things. Even if a game came out that was a literal depiction of what is happening in the real world, the minute that your character can run through a battlefield like Rambo it becomes fictional.

Geez. This frickin' world. First it was the feminazis, then it was the politicians, now it's this.

Hicken1694d ago

Where applicable, why not? If it's a game like Battlefield or Call of Duty, set in our world, in a time where the Geneva Convention is still relevant, then sure.

But Killzone and Halo don't have much use for the Geneva Convention, so it wouldn't make any sense for the militaries involved to adhere to those rules.