Sony XEL-1 OLED TV Teardown

Bunnie Studios was at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, and saw a presentation where a Sony XEL-1 OLED TV was torn down live. It's a sweet piece of technology, the crispest screen they'd ever seen.

View the hi-res pics

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tweaker3868d ago

Thats a lot of ribbons.

DomUltra3867d ago

1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio, too bad this thing is like 10k :(.

fenderputty3867d ago

For a new tech though, this is looking awesome. When plasma came out, those TV's were super high priced as well. These things will come down in price and in 10 years people won't give a damn about LCD or Plasma. I wish I could play my PS3 on a 40 inch OLED screen now but, at least this is a taste of what's to come in the future.

Adamalicious3867d ago

10k? It's only $2,500!

I bet you'll run out and buy one now ;)

DomUltra3867d ago

Not bad, last time I checked the MSRP it was 10k for the prototype, but no one wants to justify spending $2500 for 11 inches :(.

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v1c1ous3867d ago

they could have given it to me :(

DomUltra3867d ago

It's only an 11" screen lol.

MorganX3867d ago

New technology. Next year it'll be twice that size, though it may not be half the cost.

Amp3867d ago

the guy said he didnt watch t.v., just geeked about the innards

wallace10003867d ago

That is a cool piece of tech. Imagine having a 32 inch one of those for playing video games on, it would make my 32 inch sammy look like an early black and white tv :-P. OLED looks like the way of the future though. They will be huge and not as expensive in a few years i am sure.

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