Resident Evil 0 Dated in Japan

Capcom Japan announced today a final Japanese release date for Biohazard 0, also known as the GameCube to Wii port of Resident Evil 0 that may or may not see international release.

In Japan, the game will hit retail on July 10. Capcom is pricing it at 4,190 yen, making it 1/3 less than most new Wii titles.

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Palodios3890d ago

I know people love the wii controller, but Capcom really is losing its integrity with the constant flood of ports, version re-hashes, and sequels. Its not like you can't play the gamecube version of RE:0 already.

the_pitt3889d ago

its nintendo too, seems like they cant come up with anything new either. Zelda, Metroid, smash bro., and all games with mario (which is a pretty high percent)

Nagthragarthoth3889d ago

Who wouldn't like an update to the game that started it all... This likely won't come to PS3. I would love if it did though, this before RE5 would be very nice from CAPCOM. Likely to never happen though.

barom3889d ago

lol this is so lame. A gamecube game that can be played on the wii is getting ported to the wii. I mean cmon, just re-produce the gamecube version and stamp the Wii logo on and you got it.

Such a waste of resources.

TheExodus3889d ago

I assumed that Capcom was doing a bit of market research for RE on Wii with the RE4 poirt, but now they know there's an audience for RE on Wii so I'd rather an RE5 than another recompile. That having been said I'll still pick up a copy even though I already have the GC version so I guess I'm not really helping matters.