Fatal Frame: A True Story?

From Karam Elahi and Justin Celani of SpawnFirst: "Fatal Frame. The series revered as one of the pinnacles of the genre among horror game aficionados, has always been touted as a game (at least the first one) based on a true story. With all of its Japanese Oni’s, ghosts, remote villages, cemeteries, and best of all, completely terrifying jump scares and atmosphere, I can see why most fans would want these places, like the ones in the series, to exist."

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core_51694d ago

Best Horror Game on PS2 .. want another one ..

karamsoul1694d ago

Could you imagine a properly done next-gen Fatal Frame on the Xbox One or PS4? This, Onimusha, and Tenchu need to happen. And quickly.

1OddWorld1694d ago

You get a bubble from me those are great ideas.

Transporter471694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Idk about the Best but its one of them, PS2 era has so many horror games that are instant classics.

Shinox1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Nintendo Killed the IP by buying it , You guys wont expect this game coming to other platforms + No localization + Region lock :(

The golden age is gone , Nintendo becomes arrogant .

jfinesse1694d ago

Am i the only one that thinks this game could be amazing on the WiiU if for no other reason than using the tablet aspect. Imagine having to turn the WiiU pad and seeing something pop up next to or behind you.

insomnium21694d ago

Either that or Move controls. Could be epic!

1OddWorld1694d ago

Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly

One of the scariest games I have ever played and the reason I am hooked on these games. Deep story driven mystery's that you most unravel. God let them Create another Fatal Frame and a Tenchu.

I loved Tenchu as well stealth ninja awesome.

jfinesse1694d ago

That or another Siren game. I bought the import of the last one so i could have it on one disc.