'GTA Online' Launches Tomorrow: What You Need To Know

“Grand Theft Auto 5″ has been on store shelves for a little while now, but Rockstar still has something big in its pipeline. “Grand Theft Auto Online” launches tomorrow, and it might be an even bigger deal than the game it’s launched from.

davethedj944d ago

when? iam from germany and its already 23:00 :)

raWfodog944d ago

I hope Rockstar has fully prepared for the network onslaught. Better to have more servers than you need.

HeyImBen11944d ago

Wird wahrscheinlich so um 4-6 Uhr frühs gehen :3. Ich steh erstmal früher auf und zock ne Runde :D

malik8880944d ago SpamShowReplies(2)
aiBreeze944d ago

All we need to know now is the release time frame.

Mr_Butata944d ago

haha You're absolutely right... everything else is old, not old, ANCIENT news! xD

camel_toad944d ago

I keep farting around in the post endgame world just itching for the online. Can't get here soon enough.

C L O U D944d ago

Some people are saying 4PM-5PM (GMT)


Always have to look up what PM means. So it is 16:00 17:00 :)

zyphee944d ago

They already said its 32 players

metalgod88944d ago

Yep, only 16 players which baffles me, considering MAG was able to get 256 players in a game. Once the game does get released on PC, which we all know it will, it will probably support much much more players. Cant wait!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante944d ago

It will probably be 32 players on PC but not consoles. lol

Mr_Butata944d ago

Who's PC? Yours? Where did you get your copy???? I want oneeee! Please tell!!!!

310dodo944d ago

Cannot wait. Add me on PSN = MrHoney_Badger

GTA V is really hurting me this semester of school. lol

310dodo944d ago

one of my PSN names yes.
it def could be worse lol

dont judge me! haha

MacTastic944d ago

I will add you my psn is plastik507. also anyone here going for the quick money, or are you going to earn it.

Aleithian944d ago

Haha! Anyone can feel free to add me: PSN ID Aleithian.

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