The End of Breaking Bad Is Only the Beginning for Gamers

CCC Says: "Breaking Bad ended its run after five seasons last night, and it's left a gaping whole in a lot of viewers' hearts. A series they've been devoted to for years is gone, and now one has to wonder what they'll do every Sunday night. There are reruns, sure, but that may poke too deeply into an already raw wound."

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GarrusVakarian1725d ago

One of the best shows ever made. Some of the best acting (especially from Bryan Cranston), writing, use of music, tension that ive ever seen in a TV show.

Sad to see it end.

SaulGoodman1725d ago

Three words. Better Call Saul

iamnsuperman1725d ago

This seems like a weak starter point (using a pop culture reference) to start talking about games. I can't stand that sort of writing

Skate-AK1724d ago

Never seen an episode. I don't watch many tv shows. Discovery and History channel stuff.