October Is Dead for Gaming

CCC Says: "October has always been a bit of a dead month for video game releases, as everyone tends to save their thunder for pre-holiday November releases. With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming out in November this year, October is looking particularly bereft of exciting new games. This year's slate of October console and portable releases is about half the size of last year's, but never fear. There are some bright spots on the horizon. Here's what to look for in gaming this month."

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DDDGirlGamer851629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

October is the new November, Cause no one wants to compete with COD or BF.

October - good games afraid that COD will out sell them

November - COD COD COD COD COD and BF

December - Late games that wanted a October/November release but shit happens

March - We're gonna make a good game fuck marketing and Christmas.

malokevi1629d ago

I'm cool with that. After September and until November, I've got enough gaming to kill a series of small children.

CaptainYesterday1629d ago

October isn't dead we got Grand Theft Auto Online and Rocksmith 2014 I can't wait! :)

makta1121629d ago

I believe RE6 was released in October...

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