Super Stardust HD Solo Review by IGN

IGN writes: "If you're as big a fan of the original Super Stardust HD and you're itching for more content, this download is an absolute must. If you liked the game and you don't mind parting with five dollars, it certainly adds a fair amount of content. I would even go so far as to say that gamers completely unversed in Stardust should buy the original and then pick up this pack if they want more. But, I would have been infinitely more pleased had new planets, more music and perhaps online co-op been included in this pack. But I image many of those features will show up if Housemarque decides to develop a Multi pack next time. Only time will tell."

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Marty83703893d ago

Now can't wait for the online multiplay which should be out soon.

blusoops3893d ago

add on! The only thing it needs now is online co-op!

Milky3893d ago

I am so rubbish at this game. i can never get past the first planet. I bought the add-on anyway ( what was I thinking ?) and am addicted at beating my 'endless' high score.