Battlefield 4 - Levolution and Level Editor Showcased On A New Map Called Flood Zone

Electronic Arts has released a new video for Battlefield 4, in which lead MP designer for Battlefield 4, Thomas Andersson, reveals the DICE level editor and provides some info on the Levolution of a brand new map called 'Flood Zone'.

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xKugo1483d ago

Wondering if you can be killed during the flood. If so, that would add a really good bump up to realism and sense of danger when playing the map. Looking forward to this on PC..

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MWong1483d ago

I didn't even think about that, it would be awesome if the flooding or the ship crashing into Parcel Island killed people. Levolution is going to be awesome, I wonder what other map changing events DICE has planned for us.

@ other posters, I agree. I can see people constantly triggering all the events at first. I know I want to take down the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai.

Xristo1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I can confirm that the ship crashing kills. Check out just 15 seconds into this video:

Abdou0231483d ago

Realism isn't always fun, actually most of the time it's frustrating.

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shaft01401482d ago

On Parcel Storm, its been confirmed that the storm's drastic wind change won't affect gameplay other than for visual purposes. I was a little disappointed, but ah well :) DICE said it wasn't fun when they experimented with the change.

Kleptic1482d ago

yeah, other than waves...but the wind doesn't effect projectiles or anything...

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WorldGamer1483d ago

Awesome. I didn't know they all had to be triggered by a user. Nice touch.

I wonder what the levelution feature is for the China Slim map. Can't wait for this game.

MooseWI1483d ago

I feel like for a while people are just going to trigger them right away on all maps haha.

WorldGamer1483d ago

I agree, the novelty will be too much to resist. But on the one with the islands, it seemed like you had to wait for the storm to hit before you could trigger the event.

Maybe certain conditions have to be in place before you are able to trigger the "levelution" activity.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1483d ago

@worldgamer the level with the islands parcel storm you have to take down the windmill the boat is stuck to before the boat hits the shore

pandehz1483d ago

Im so gonna spam rockets on it.

KwietStorm1483d ago

China Slim? Which one is that?

kazuma9991483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


Wizziokid1483d ago

awesome, can't wait for this one

Faztkiller1483d ago

Cant wait to be on the street in a fire fight then see a wave coming.

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