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Submitted by Abriael 863d ago | news

Titanfall Was on PCs with GTX 770 Cards at Eurogamer, Holding 60 FPS, Will Do the Same on Xbox One

Titanfall was playable on the show floor at EuroGamer Expo (at least for those with enough patience to bear the ginormous lines), and it ran on some pretty beefy machines with Xbox One pads attached. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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pedrof93  +   863d ago
Titanfall is a very fun game, but its not a graphical breath-taking next gen game.
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Abriael  +   863d ago | Well said
I find it pretty impressive to be honest.
darthv72  +   863d ago
@pedro, i think that is the idea behind titanfall. It is more about the play mechanics and like you They have made many improvements on the tried and true and it is a next gen game from those merits.

Something being graphically breathtaking would be like drive club or forza 5 where the landscapes are very colorful and vivid.

titanfall...its all about the action baby.
Eonjay  +   863d ago | Well said
GTX 770 has 2X the raw power performance of an Xbox One and is literally the same price as an entire XBOne. if the Xbox One can match this card's performance than the game can't be that demanding.
georgeenoob  +   863d ago
It's a multiplayer game, which is supposed to focus on gameplay much more than graphics. Why is it everytime I read comments about Titanfall so many people talk about its graphics?
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loulou  +   863d ago
abriael, the new king of clickbait. $50 amazon vouchers... hmmm

anyway, although pedro is a known droid and should be ignored, he is correct on this occasion.

titanfall is running on source... a 10 year old engine. people should not expect crytek grfx.

but who cares?? when the gameplay looks as good as this, then grfx can be forgiven
Ps4Console  +   863d ago
Gamers who are not impressed with this game are lying , I bet they'll be the first to buy the game when it comes to Ps4 because I will be .
Godmars290  +   863d ago
And yet you've got some in the Xbox camp calling it the end all be all. That if it doesn't prove the XB1 it'll prove cloud support on it.

If only it were about the game being "fun".
1OddWorld  +   863d ago

I rather rub myself raw then play another game like Halo. I like my FPS to be as realistic as possible for immersion purposes.

I will play BF4 until H-hour releases.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   863d ago
I dont find it impressive at all i wont be getting it on PC games like it are a dime a dozen.
BattleAxe  +   863d ago
"I find it pretty impressive to be honest."

If I had only gamed on a Wii, WiiU or Xbox 360, I might agree.
andrewsqual  +   863d ago
Static maps with predetermined destruction already in place is not impressive in the slightest especially in 2014. What hurts this even more is the fact that there are huge mechs running around supposedly smashing up the place but really they aren't. Even the ones that drop in from the sky do not leave a mark on the ground.
They had 4 years to make this game since leaving Activision in Feb 2010 and they couldn't even create their own brand new next gen proprietary game engine?
Bulletstorm was fun too but nobody remembers it.
JasonKCK  +   863d ago
Titanfall does look pretty good, even on the Xbox. I can't wait to see what the PC modding community does with it :)
imt558  +   862d ago
Nvidia GTX 770 ( 3.2 TFLOPS ) and XO shitty GPU ( 1.34 ) are NOT THE SAME, Microsoft!!!

Maybe it will be 60 fps on XO or it is, but not with same graphics effect or resolution.

Anyway, for now Titanfall on Xo is not 1080p :
pixelsword  +   862d ago
Titanfall looks great, I don't think anyone who is honest with themselves wouldn't like to play that game.
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kryteris  +   862d ago
I do too, but so was the last half life episode. The engine probably will look good on just about any hardware. "with enough tweaking"
ChrisW  +   862d ago
Titanfall is a piece of crap with next gen graphics, BTW it also seems rather fun game...

[This is how you get *Agrees* for Xbox One, first you state something negative about it so Sony Sheep will agree with you, then you state something positive about it so Xbox fans will also agree.]
FamilyGuy  +   862d ago
Looks about as fun as a drunk girl in a mini skirt, I wonder how long it'll stay exclusive though and whether I'll care about it at that time with all the other games bound to release by then.
BallsEye  +   862d ago

So posts on ps forums about XO games are now facts? Amazing!

also read this article

Maybe there is more to XO than most people think. Executive producer said:

"Need For Speed Rivals will feature better graphics on ONE next-gen console than the other, Ghost Games’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson has suggested – but refused to clarify which."

"What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially ONE of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one,"

Now since Sony was boasting about their specs and everyone are talking for months now how much stronger ps4 is, i think he would just confirm it, instead he said ONE console is much stronger than they thought FOR A REALLY LONG TIME.

Also if you would have been on eurogamer, you would see these games just look too good for 1.3 tf
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indysurfn  +   862d ago
1 Microsoft defended the xbone as not weak pointing at RYSE as the best looking game.
2 Microsoft defended the Xbone as not weak
pointing at Titan fall as their other example of what it can do.

3 Microsoft LIED about games running on xbone one. (they are actually running on PC more powerful than the xbone).

4 Microsofts whole hype has been based on misleading tactics running games on pc that will not be as good on xbone.

And fools still defend them? No wonder they are proudly buying a machine from those that tried to take away all owner ship rights. Because they are fools fighting against their own interests.
BallsEye  +   862d ago

You do realise that of all ps4 games on Eurogamer only Knack was running on real ps4? Other games had just ps4 controller and were crashing to Windows. Look it up, there are photos and articles. So now write another complaint but now about sony lies.

I think you never experienced a new console launch. I will never forget the biggest sony lie, when killzone 2 e3 demo was showing off the POWER OF THE CELL, but later it came out that it was just a target render of "how they wish the game would look" and they never achieved it, even with Shadow Fall...but hey you're defending them!

Till now some games on last gen consoles are demoed first on PC's. Remember that beautiful Last of Us gameplay on first showing? Released game looked much different, resolution, textures, post processing, lighting. It always happened and it will happen.
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kB0  +   862d ago

If you think the 770 GTX is ONLY 2Xs the strength of the Xbox One/Ps4 you are mistaken sir.

A 660m currently in my laptop is about the same give or take strength..the Xbox one has a gpu closer to 7770 STOCK not the GHZ edition...which the GHZ edition is around 3X slower than the 770.

So yeah:)

Both Xbox one and PS4 have very impressive GPUs but let's not just throw out numbers:P
BlackTar187  +   862d ago
Chris W,

Funny how you say Sony sheep and then Xbox fans. I mean its so cleaver no one could tell which one you are.
ChrisW  +   862d ago
Oops... Sorry, I meant Xbots... Oh well.
Muerte2494  +   863d ago
I find it more..
impressive that they are continuing to use Geforce cards when Xbox One is using a version of Radeon. Knowing that result vary between to the GPU makers from game to game, why not run it on a 7970?
Abriael  +   863d ago
The game is also for PC, so they weren't really trying to simulate the Xbox One version.
Elit3Nick  +   863d ago
It might have to do with nvidia cards being easier to optimize off the bat then radeon, but that's just what I think
ninjahunter  +   863d ago
Nvidia cards perform consistently between almost all games, even the radeon enhanced ones.
LordDhampire  +   863d ago
Because people would know the power difference of the cards, since people know the xbox is a radeon, they can look at the numbering system and instantly know that the 7970 is stronger, and by how much...but if you look at 770 I don't know how strong that thing is I don't know if the xbox one falls in between 760-770 or around a 750

its just harder to compare the two
rdgneoz3  +   863d ago
"The game is also for PC, so they weren't really trying to simulate the Xbox One version"

Except when MS says the E3 demos were on PCs being specified to comparable hardware of the home consoles (when using Nvidia cards)... Throw in that they were using xbox one controllers and the average consumer might think that it was suppose to be representative of what the xbox one version will be like.
DeadlyFire  +   862d ago
Microsoft has NVIDIA in their Cloud systems.
Guwapo77  +   862d ago
Dude I was just about to say the same damn thing. Why all the nVidia cards in the demos?? AMD and Nvidia cards strong in different areas and not to include the difference in drivers - why even do this to themselves?
Einhert  +   863d ago
The thing I find most impressive is the animation rigs for the mechs, they move so fluidly and human like, its crazy.
Irishguy95  +   863d ago
Yeah the graphics are only a bit better than this gen. Luckily the gameplay stands above the rest. Also there is a long time before this releases. Dice only revealed BF4 on consoles recently too, and stuck with PC before that.
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quenomamen  +   863d ago
I think its safe to say nobody is expecting jaw dropping visuals from the original spit out the same game over COD developers who are now Respawn. I would also not be one bit surprised if they're using the same tired COD engine. Only question is how many DLC sequals they'll pump out for Titanfall, prob at least 4
Seafort  +   862d ago
Titanfall is using the Source engine by Valve which powered Half Life 2 and Portal 2 along with a few other games.

So no it's not the CoD engine at all.
Magicite   863d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
cj1pate101  +   863d ago
So what exactly is a next gen game? let me guess some sony ip?
sak500   862d ago | Trolling | show
Cueil  +   863d ago
it's a MP game... the stress isn't for graphics but for balance
LuditPRIME  +   862d ago
Once you play it. You will be more forgiving. Game is really fun. Its got that instant fun factor. And I dont see it wearing off.
overrated44  +   862d ago
It's made with the Source engine, it's not going to have standout crazy graphics like Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3 or whatever, but it's going to be a lot of fun and I think that's WAY more important.
sak500   862d ago | Trolling | show
Deltaguy  +   863d ago
wow been wondering if this game is STILL being shown on PC...kinda sad this late in the game...
IcicleTrepan  +   863d ago
It's because the company is releasing it on PC as well. They aren't owned by MS. So they are going to of course show the best possible version of their game to wow buyers. It's not their responsibility to showcase the Xbox One.
UnHoly_One  +   863d ago
Yeah no kidding.

I don't see anyone complaining about them not showing the 360 version.

HugoDrax  +   863d ago
"So they are going to of course show the best possible version of their game to wow buyers. It's not their responsibility to showcase the Xbox One."

Funny you say that, I recall reading an article where RESPAWN developers themselves hinted at XBONE having definitive version of TitanFall. Not my opinion, but that's what RESPAWN developers spoke about during the interview. The YouTube video of the interview is out there somewhere. I'll try to find link..


Quote from RESPAWN developers:

“We won’t get all the nice-ities on PCs that you get on Xbox One. There will be some re-engineering things.”

“You couldn’t make this game without having that kind of dedicated server support.”

“can’t be made without cloud”
sorane  +   863d ago

As you can see in this article(published much later than yours) the PC version will have all the features of the cloud and will be the best version. Sorry to burst your bubble.....

"Digital Foundry: Let's talk about the cloud. One story we've heard recently suggests that the gaming subset of Azure functionality is not available for PC.

Drew McCoy: That's not true."

"Digital Foundry: Exactly the same code for each version?

Drew McCoy: No - it's not done yet. Technically, if we worked really hard we could have the same server binary for all platforms. I don't think that's going to happen but it doesn't really matter. It'll just spin up 100,000 PC servers, 200,000 Xbox One servers..."

"Digital Foundry: 1080p60 on Xbox One?

Drew McCoy: We'll see how performance goes. Frame-rate is king."
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HugoDrax  +   863d ago

"Sorry to burst my bubble?"

Not at all, appreciate the post. Just pointing out my bubble wasn't busted. I own a very very powerful PC rig that I posted pictures of somewhere on this site and people tagged me for trolling lol.

Second, I will have a launch/Day 1 PS4 console and a launch/Day 1 XB1 console. I'm sure I don't have to post my GameStop receipt for proof lol.

Anyhow, game on gamers.......back to playing GTAV
sic_chops  +   863d ago
I'd say whatever M$ wants me to also if they pay me.
DeadlyFire  +   862d ago
If Microsoft paid me for timed exclusivity I would lie like hell about needing this and that on their platform to sell my game as well.

The cloud only does three things for Titanfall.

calculated Respawning.
quicker matchmaking
and one other thing

None of which are essential to FPS development. Games with less than 16 player matches do not require dedicated servers. Their functionality helps sure, but not required. Likely their aim is for more than 16 player matches. Maybe 32 player matches. So dedicated would be necessary, but its not something that stops their development considering the first showing had 7v7 as the player count which is more than capable without dedicated servers.

I will be glad to play Titanfall when I get it for PS4 or PC. EA doesn't skip a platform unless they think its a WiiU. They will push Respawn to port it or do it themselves. Remember PS3 Orange box anyone? EA ported it themselves.
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Twilightx7  +   863d ago
"This late in the game..."

For a game that doesn't come out for something like 8 months, I wouldn't call it late in the game. There's plenty of time to showcase an Xbox One build.
krazykombatant  +   863d ago
The alpha state for this game is getting sorted in the next couple of weeks according to the devs. So i don't know what you're on about.
Mike134nl  +   863d ago
Not that uncommon. To be fair which ps4 games,except knack, where shown on ps4 hardware and not pc during the euro gamer expo. I am sure they will all turn op looking fine.
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Deadpoolio  +   863d ago
All of them! While it was confirmed that MS at E3 and Gamescon were running their One80 games on PCs way beyond One80 specs, Nvidia cards, and Windows 7 it was also confirmed that ALL PS4 gameplay was being ran on PS4 Dev kits, again that was confirmed
Mike134nl  +   862d ago
@ deadpoolio
do you have source cause there is not a lot of information on that and it really does not seems that way (after a quick google). I have seen a source claiming otherwise not posting link as it seems info I read was provided by someone who seems biased towards the xb1.
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ruefrak  +   862d ago
Jonathon Blow was very vocal during E3 that PS4 games were being run on dev kits and not PCs.
bligmerk  +   862d ago
Yeah, the MS lapdogs trying to say "Well, PS4 was being simulated with PC's" is total donkey doo-doo. There have been several confirmations of PS4 devkits running PS4 games. Also, this latest story about PS4 games crashing to a PC desktop have been proven to originate from an MS lapdog, totally false, and even the picture he tried to pass off as a PS4 "crash" doesn't even have a PS4 in it.

Now, when it comes to MS, the direct evidence points to more of their lying. MS made a big deal out of Titanfall at TGS, acting like it was all XBone, and claimed it was the developer that insisted the demo be run on PC's. This picture proves the lie. There is MS, trying to make Titanfall look like an XBone game, in their booth, not the devs, and it's obvious it is a PC in the cabinet under the HDTV, just like at E3 and Gamescom. MS, caught in another lie.
mhunterjr  +   863d ago
It's not really 'late in the game' considering the game isn't due until spring 2014...
Deltaguy  +   863d ago
Come on people they are marketing this game like it's a launch title..yes the game being shown on pc is ridiculous at all these events..the game looks mediocre (graphically)even on how is it going to fair on xbox one...thats all i'm wondering
Kuse  +   863d ago
I'll take 60fps over 1080p any day in a shooter.
staticdash22  +   863d ago
Why can't we have both?
RiPPn  +   863d ago
...because the Bone is underpowered?
LonChaneyTV  +   863d ago
"Why can't we have both?"

depends on the game. but If you have a muscle PC you can have both and lots more.
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kingduqc  +   863d ago
I'll talk 60 fps and 2560*1440 over one one of those.
staticdash22  +   863d ago
I'm pretty satisfied with Killzone Shadow Fall being 1080p native @ 60fps in the why can't more Devs do this? lmao
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   863d ago
Yes I wonder why too
LonChaneyTV  +   863d ago
It's complicated.

If you're simply asking for a game to run at 1080p 60fps the answer is yes. but if you want it at Battlefeild4's god like settings, the answer is no.

and there is a perfect reason why shadow fall's multiplayer can run at 1080p 60fps. (most of the time.) the games doesn't have to render 40k polygon characters all the time. they can drop to 20,000 polygons and below.

shadow fall doesn't even have render tessellation. with the amount of things they don't have to do 1080p is less difficult.
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Mario18  +   863d ago
Mr LonChaney, what you are spewing right now can be correct but is most likely not the reason for Battlefield not having those types of settings. If a console has better hardware for performance, there is no reason why both consoles (PS4/One) to have the same/identical content
LonChaneyTV  +   863d ago
"likely not the reason for Battlefield not having those types of settings."

that actually is the reason. An HD 7850 would probably get 720p 60 fps at battlefield 4, being a new title.

If you constructed a PC to similar settings you would probably end up doing the same for 60fps.

you can't just expect consoles to run perfectly at 1080p when PCs are inventing new tricks as new hardware comes out. when crytek and DICE's new franchises come out they're going to be promoting more new things not seen on consoles, because of Nvidia and ATI's new chips.

it's same reason why they resulted to sub HD the last gen. just watch at how the multiplats of this next gen plays out.
#3.3.4 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
ATi_Elite  +   862d ago
I'll take 1600p @ 60 FPS thank You very much!

......and at this point in time 1080p 60 fps should be a NO brainer for console games.

I shake my head in LAUGHTER every time I hear a game on the Next Gen consoles struggling to achieve 1080p 60fps.

I don't care what the Graphics look like 1080p 60fps is NOW STANDARD!

If a Dev can't achieve 1080p/60 then LOWER the graphics down cause ACCORDING to every consoler when it's a PC vs. Console article:

"Graphics Don't Matter"

But when it's a XB1 vs, PS4 article OMG you guys go crazy with all this SPEC TALK.
XboxFun  +   863d ago
Good, graphics are nice, but gameplay, design and fun factor are more important.

This is what the industry needs to focus on to keep gamers and consumers interest in the market.
gamernova  +   863d ago
That must mean that the 770 could easily take that to 120 fps on a capable monitor.
Fishy Fingers  +   863d ago
Ha, what?!
ABizzel1  +   863d ago
@Fishy Fingers

A GTX 770 is more than 2x as powerful as the Xbox One's GPU. If it's running the game only at 60fps and the XB1 will be able to do the same. That means:

1. The game is locked at 60Hz which I believe they said a while ago, and if unlocked the game should be running over 100 fps on a GPU 2x more powerful than the XB1.


2. The demo was running in 2k / 4k on the 770, and will be 1080p / 900p (I guess that's the official dub now) / 720p on the XB1.
Fishy Fingers  +   863d ago

They're running the PC version on a PC using a 770 and getting 60fps. That's it. He mentions that the Ones version will also be going for 60fps. Doesn't say this is an emulated version of the Ones build. It's just a PC, running a PC build using a 770 (with a pad). Why would monitor, or a comparison to the Ones GPU effect the number of frames that PC is pushing out?
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kingduqc  +   863d ago
He's saying that a 770 could run titan fall in 120 fps, To actually get 120 fps you need a 120 Hz monitor.

Get it now? Titan fall is made on source engine and doesn't look so great visually (looks like a blast to play) So yeah I could see a 770 gt getting 120 fps max settings in 1080p, considering I do get over 80 fpsin 2560*1440 almost all source engine games with a single 670.
LordDhampire  +   863d ago

or the was an early build what is not optimized....yes the pc will run better but not by that much unless you have something better than a 770, pc's take more power to run the same setting as a console because pcs don't all have the same spec hench they can't be optimized as much and can't use the same amount of ram but....

But the xbox one is weak so I just think this article is damage control for the ryse articles
gamernova  +   863d ago
@king gets it. It's PC gamer talk. Most console gamers wouldn't know about what we are talking about lol but yes, if you guys did not know it is possible for frame rates above 60 and you definitely notice the smoother experience.
LordDhampire  +   863d ago
yeah i have a asus 120mhz monitor, it is amazing...can't wait to get a R9-290x
gamernova  +   863d ago
If mantle is as good at they are saying it's gonna be, then it should be something jaw dropping. Console optimization but PC raw power...deadly man.
Dante81  +   863d ago
Nvidia should have made it a 4gb card standard, even the 7950 has 3
#5.3 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gamernova  +   863d ago
True story man. You can barely get 3 on the 780. It sucks that you have to pay so much for the extra Vram.

You think so? Usually third party would have already stepped up their line up. Can't blame AMD not hurrying up. They can't even perfect the drivers on their current cards yet lol
#5.3.1 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dante81  +   863d ago
It's just the lack of competition. AMD took so damn long to release new cards.
LordDhampire  +   863d ago
you don't need more than 3gigs unless your playing on massive resolutions
Fishy Fingers  +   863d ago
Fairly moderate hardware considering it's still in development. They usually go overkill.
Kleptic  +   863d ago
ha agreed...BF4 took what 2 7990's (thats effectively 4 7970's) to run at 3k...and the closed alpha test couldn't hold 60 fps with higher settings on anything but a Titan with an extreme addition I7 cpu (so you're at nearly 2 grand before buying the rest of the PC)...beta starts tomorrow, so we'll see how much better the scaling is...but, with all the talk of optimization...the alpha was pretty troubling...

so yeah...if they've got it running at 60fps on a single 770 with decent cpu...thats great news for current PC owners wondering on how badly they'll need to'll only get lower, requirement wise, from here...and i'm in that exact situation...

either way i'll be ok...these are literally the only 2 PC games i'm at all concerned about (with the possibility of Destiny, but we'll see) for the next year at least...maybe by this time next year 1080p on one of the consoles will be standard, and i'll finally get one........................... .
#6.1 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xKugo  +   863d ago
Why do you attach a Xbox controller to a game running on a PC equipped with GTX 770s. That shit just doesn't make since...

If it's the fucking PC version, then don't hide it from people unawares with a Xbox controller. Put a fucking keyboard and mouse out. Only time you should use a controller is if it's a dev-kit or the actual retail hardware. Doesn't make any sense to me why developers associated with Microsoft are STILL doing this. It gives off a false impression to the consumers which, ONCE AGAIN, will only disappoint them when the console version fails to appeal in the same manner.
Abriael  +   863d ago
Because they're releasing it on both platforms, which means that they probably have a control scheme for the pad already in the code.
xKugo  +   863d ago
How exactly does that justify you putting an Xbox controller on the PC version of the game? Did you knowingly avoid the question or complete miss it? Either way, don't know if you know this, but there are extremely gullible people in this world and when dealing with them, you want to make the impression as honest as possible. So, if you put a fucking Xbox controller in their hands and show them an "Xbox" game at a Xbox Eurogamer booth, what do you think is going to be their perception?

Probably something like: "Boy, this game sure does look beautiful, with all the Titans and action going on. Man, 60fps and 1080p on next-gen Xbox game that's hella fun!?!? This is awesome!!"

Only to find out that when the game releases on the Xbox, it will literally be a shell of it's self simply because an Xbox will never be able to compete with a PC equipped with a GTX 770, which probably also has an i5 or higher so as to not bottleneck the GPU. Leaving the once excited consumer, disappointed to find out that he's been had. Same goes for the PlayStation, just so you know that I'm not being biased here.

It wouldn't be much of a problem if they told you it's on PC, but they never do. EA and DICE don't do it with BF series, Sony never does it when they first showcase new IPs(i.e Deep Down) and now Respawn isn't doing it with Titanfall. Don't misunderstand me; this isn't a problem that I have with the Xbox hardware, so don't get your panties in a wad. I simply hate the blatant mis-direction that developers put their loyal consumers through, when it would be much easier to be honest about what the situation is.

It's a fucking Xbox game, shown at an Xbox booth with an Xbox controller attached to it. There is no way to spin this. It's a flat out implied lie, period.

Also some food for thought; again not being biased here. Riddle me how this game is on Xbox 360 and PC if the game supposedly "isn't possible without the power of the cloud" and was build with "the cloud in mind". That's no pun folks, that's straight out the developers mouth in an interview with IGN at E3. Just curious as to how that's possible and also how exactly you can say that you just wanted to focus on one platform, yet the game is releasing on three. Somebody more informed than I am please clue me in, because as of right now I'm reading it as a lie.
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Chris12  +   863d ago
Kugo, rather than sitting on your keyboard furiously tapping away and implying MS and EA are constantly telling lies, why not get off your arse and visit some of these shows. I was at Eurogamer and there was no attempt to suggest this was running on anything but PC's. Shocking eh, as it's coming to PC.

Perhaps I should put it in language you understand. It's a fucking PC game, which wasn't being shown in the Xbox booth. Feel foolish now?

Your bias is as blatant as your number of bubbles.
#7.1.2 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Abriael  +   863d ago
Actually in this case it was shown at its own booth and no. Titanfall is not a "fucking xbox game".

It's a PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 game.
mhunterjr  +   863d ago
What are you talking about man? The Xbox controller is a valid control method for PC games. It's not an attempt to deceive gullible people. It's to showcase how game controls on a controller.

The game doesn't come out until spring... those consumers you claim to be so worried about have plenty of time to choose which version they want to get.
LordDhampire  +   863d ago
xbox controller is more user friendly to the massives, every console gamer uses a gamepad, and tons of pc gamers use gamepads, some games are just better with them, and titanfall doesn't really look like that serious of a shooter so a gamepad probably isn't to bad, now battlefield on the pc you use a gamepad and you will get destroyed.
Dante81  +   863d ago
When you're standing up, it's a lot easier to use a gamepad than kb/m. It makes sense in these situations.
ruefrak  +   862d ago
Exactly! The problem is that Titanfall is being marketed and talked about as an Xbox One game, not as a PC game. So when you show it off on the PC with an Xbox One controller, you're giving off a false impression. Since it's also coming out for the 360, they could just as easily used a 360 controller. Or a mouse and keyboard.
Monolith12   863d ago | Spam
staticdash22  +   863d ago
I do like that Respawn is saying that titanfall is all about gameplay, all about fun. It's not going to take your breath away and scream next gen but you can sink hours into it. What could've made up for the graphics is if they had a pretty unique art style. Many times, an amazing art style makes up for the visuals.
#9 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Irishguy95  +   863d ago
It's going to take your breath away via the gameplay. You know..when a game is so good you're are just awestruck.
Izzy408  +   863d ago
Since Respawn partnered with EA, I wonder if the Titanfall series will at some point use the frostbite engine. It would certainly improve the visuals.
Monolith12   863d ago | Spam
Caleb_H  +   863d ago
I doubt it. Frostbite is DICE.
Izzy408  +   863d ago
Dont need for speed and MOH use the frostbite engine too?
#10.2.1 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
_QQ_  +   863d ago
Great because the gtx 770 is going in my next build.
porter470  +   863d ago
lets not forget its running off the source engine
AllroundGamer  +   863d ago
got the gtx 770 a month ago and i will probably get this game too, but graphically it is still on an old COD level...
imt558  +   863d ago
Well, old Source engine.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   863d ago
Its a heavy modified Source Engine but they are six months away from release still lots of time to imptove graphics. Personally I think this gaMe would have been better with the Frostbite 3 engine.
KillerPigeon  +   863d ago
I think they chose Source due to more familiarity with it amongst the devs as well as its apparent ease of use. In comparison to Frostbite, something they likely hadn't had much dabbling with before.
Abriael  +   863d ago
I don't see many people criticizing Rockstar for using their super-old engine in GTAV :D
Hicken  +   863d ago
@Abriael: But Rockstar wasn't putting out a game every year on that engine.
DarkBlade  +   862d ago
@ Hicken yea because Max Payne, Red Dead didn't use that old rage engine =/

They could of upgraded the engine after GTA 4 and showed off new graphics engine with GTAV
Hicken  +   862d ago
@DarkBlade: That's two games. Add in the two GTA games this gen, and that's four. Was LA Noire on the same engine? Let's say it is: that makes five games in a generation 8 years old, which isn't 8 games in 8 years.

It's also not 5 games that are generally the same game with fresh paint slapped on, lots of assets swapped over from one title to the next.

So yeah, still a little different.
TechMech2  +   863d ago
Well, I have a mac so, it'll have to be 360 and Xbox one versions for me!
krazykombatant  +   863d ago
Gameplayed and look fairly impressive considering it was a pre-alpha build.

Probably the best shooter (next to BF4 on the entire Eurogamer floor).
GraveLord   863d ago | Trolling | show
assdan  +   863d ago
Anyone who believes they will be getting that same graphics on xbox one as you would with a 770 in ANY game is crazy, unless the dev is horrible at optimization. That is a high end gpu, and the xbox one arguably isn't even mid range.
cunnilumpkin  +   863d ago
a 770 DESTROYS the ps4 and xbox1

what you see is NOT what you get

a lot of console players will be in for a shock in the next month and a half

games will be drastically downgraded from what was shown at e3 and other expos

the pc version is always the definitive verison
despair  +   863d ago
spoken like someone without a clue, a video card does not "destroy" an entire system, its just one aspect of the whole, plain and simple.
#18.1 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
MidnytRain  +   863d ago
We're obviously talking about graphical performance here.
despair  +   862d ago
Again, the best video card in the world is useless if the rest of your hardware doesn't match up. So this is about graphical performance. You can't just look at raw stats on a card and say it's better than another unless it's running in a system built to not hold that card back.
MidnytRain  +   862d ago
Well obviously. Who has a 770 and a Core 2 Duo?
ziggurcat  +   863d ago
with less than 2 months to go before launch, you'd think they'd be showing games on the actual hardware by now...
Deadpoolio  +   863d ago
Um It's 8 months+ till launch....It's not a launch title it's Summer 2014
ziggurcat  +   863d ago
The release date of the game is irrelevant. They can still show a game in development on a debug kit, and it'd still be the actual xbone hardware.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   863d ago
its a source game, what do people expect? my GTX 580 can run every Source game at 120FPS locked and that card is getting old.

nice to know its running smooth on a stable engine tho :D
hope they use the same mouse movement as all the other source games like CS and such. then aiming will be bliss <3
E40GMR  +   863d ago
I really dont see why everybody is on this games nuts AC has been doing mech battles forever and at much faster pace. There are other notable mech games when the original xbox was dropped and lost planets multiplayer has mech too. I just dont see the big deal with this game, yeah it looks good but thats all the praise it deserves.
Caleb_H  +   863d ago
A GTX Titan can hold CoD at 60fps, xbox 360 does the same. That doesn't make the 360 a Titan though if you see what I'm saying. The title is misleading and implies xbox one is just as powerful as a 770, but we know a 770 would run bf4 at 60+fps in 1080p at ultra, but the xbox won't being doing anything like that.
marcofdeath  +   863d ago
The sad part is that most of you don't even understand how development kit works compared to a console. A console is a closed box environment, it's more efficient than a PC architecture, therefore there is a such thing as close box environment enhancement which is 2X more powerful than that of the equivalent PC hardware. John Carmack the creator of doom tweeted this as a fact. Then there's the unknown like Sony's 1.8 Tflops has a marketing twist. I am referring to the 14+4 balance and if this is true and at the last couple of shows the PS4 was indeed running on PC development kits of 680 then that would make the 14+4 balance true, because one 680 is equal to 3.1 Tflops divided by two equals 1.5 Tflops or right around 14 CU's which puts us right at the speculation of one websites GPU specs of VGleacks. Now that said I know for fact that Xbox one development kits use HD 7970, GTX 780, and GTX 770, so just like that of the PS4(580) I will not take the low end. A GTX 780 is 3.9 Tflops divided by two equals 1.95 Tflops.Microsoft has not given us the balance of the new GPU or CPU within Xbox one. Balanced 12+?.
#23 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Hazmat13  +   863d ago
yup all those numbers look important.
annus  +   863d ago
That has to be one of the worst structured paragraphs I have read on this site.
marcofdeath  +   862d ago
That is what most say that don't have any facts or proof, still waiting for that 60fps or 1080p PS4 game!
#23.2.1 (Edited 862d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
annus  +   862d ago
Facts or proof of what? I couldn't give two shits about how powerful either console is, but what you said was just "hurr numbers" and was just a giant wall of text without any context.

Were you trying to claim that Xbox is more powerful because they use higher graphics cards in their 'development kits'? Because they weren't development kits. And isn't Killzone 60fps and 1080p? I'm really not sure what you are trying to prove here.
Reem  +   863d ago
lol marcofdeath you are the troll that is yapping all characters in Ryse have 85 polys haha
marcofdeath  +   862d ago
post a link that states that they are not! oh? You can not...
Plagasx  +   863d ago
It's funny how they always show the game running on PCs but yet they still show the console versions in media like commercials, etc...
Triggytrolls  +   863d ago
I was at eurogamer and I played Titan fall, it did not look like it was running on a PC. in fact, the majority of games were running on xboxone and ps4 (bf4, cod ghosts ect)
Hazmat13  +   863d ago
its be cool if it also gets a mac release.
Reem  +   863d ago
Titanfall meh, BF done it long ago. It's also kinda retarded that the mech holds a huge gun.
HarryB  +   863d ago
Even if it was powered by the graphics card like the 770 its still on the source engine. The same engine from half life 2 is in that engine. Excepted its a modded engine. This is bascially a half life 2 mod. ID software from the people who created quake 2 and doom confirmed that even the source 2 engine has traces of quake 2.

Bottom line be upfront with your product. Don't lie about your game running on an engine older than ps2.
annus  +   862d ago
You clearly have no idea how game engines work. Why recreate parts of a library if they are optimised, stable and work as intended? Not everything from an engine is purely graphics.

Quake and Counter Strike have some of the best gameplay for multiplayer produced by any first person game, so it's no surprise they want to keep certain aspects that their fans enjoy.
HarryB  +   862d ago
You clearly don't know how a game engine works. Source sdk 2006 2007 2009 cs work go workshop its all the same thing more advance each year. But same thing on how to produce it. Its like adding tools to sony vegas.
annus  +   862d ago
They are all upgrades to the same engine, of course they are similar with upgrades...

What I was referring to was source engine 2. They can totally rebuild the entire graphics engine, but leave the gameplay similar, and there isn't any point recreating the libraries they currently have if they already exist. It's a waste of money and time, so of course you will find older code in there. Even most developers don't write ALL the code in their games.
DOOMZ  +   863d ago
An amazing game, I cant wait!!!
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