Titanfall Was on PCs with GTX 770 Cards at Eurogamer, Holding 60 FPS, Will Do the Same on Xbox One

Titanfall was playable on the show floor at EuroGamer Expo (at least for those with enough patience to bear the ginormous lines), and it ran on some pretty beefy machines with Xbox One pads attached.

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pedrof931423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Titanfall is a very fun game, but its not a graphical breath-taking next gen game.

Abriael1423d ago

I find it pretty impressive to be honest.

darthv721423d ago

@pedro, i think that is the idea behind titanfall. It is more about the play mechanics and like you They have made many improvements on the tried and true and it is a next gen game from those merits.

Something being graphically breathtaking would be like drive club or forza 5 where the landscapes are very colorful and vivid.

titanfall...its all about the action baby.

Eonjay1422d ago

GTX 770 has 2X the raw power performance of an Xbox One and is literally the same price as an entire XBOne. if the Xbox One can match this card's performance than the game can't be that demanding.

georgeenoob1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

It's a multiplayer game, which is supposed to focus on gameplay much more than graphics. Why is it everytime I read comments about Titanfall so many people talk about its graphics?

loulou1422d ago

abriael, the new king of clickbait. $50 amazon vouchers... hmmm

anyway, although pedro is a known droid and should be ignored, he is correct on this occasion.

titanfall is running on source... a 10 year old engine. people should not expect crytek grfx.

but who cares?? when the gameplay looks as good as this, then grfx can be forgiven

Ps4Console1422d ago

Gamers who are not impressed with this game are lying , I bet they'll be the first to buy the game when it comes to Ps4 because I will be .

Godmars2901422d ago

And yet you've got some in the Xbox camp calling it the end all be all. That if it doesn't prove the XB1 it'll prove cloud support on it.

If only it were about the game being "fun".

1OddWorld1422d ago


I rather rub myself raw then play another game like Halo. I like my FPS to be as realistic as possible for immersion purposes.

I will play BF4 until H-hour releases.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1422d ago

I dont find it impressive at all i wont be getting it on PC games like it are a dime a dozen.

BattleAxe1422d ago

"I find it pretty impressive to be honest."

If I had only gamed on a Wii, WiiU or Xbox 360, I might agree.

andrewsqual1422d ago

Static maps with predetermined destruction already in place is not impressive in the slightest especially in 2014. What hurts this even more is the fact that there are huge mechs running around supposedly smashing up the place but really they aren't. Even the ones that drop in from the sky do not leave a mark on the ground.
They had 4 years to make this game since leaving Activision in Feb 2010 and they couldn't even create their own brand new next gen proprietary game engine?
Bulletstorm was fun too but nobody remembers it.

JasonKCK1422d ago

Titanfall does look pretty good, even on the Xbox. I can't wait to see what the PC modding community does with it :)

imt5581422d ago

Nvidia GTX 770 ( 3.2 TFLOPS ) and XO shitty GPU ( 1.34 ) are NOT THE SAME, Microsoft!!!

Maybe it will be 60 fps on XO or it is, but not with same graphics effect or resolution.

Anyway, for now Titanfall on Xo is not 1080p :

pixelsword1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Titanfall looks great, I don't think anyone who is honest with themselves wouldn't like to play that game.

kryteris1422d ago

I do too, but so was the last half life episode. The engine probably will look good on just about any hardware. "with enough tweaking"

ChrisW1422d ago

Titanfall is a piece of crap with next gen graphics, BTW it also seems rather fun game...

[This is how you get *Agrees* for Xbox One, first you state something negative about it so Sony Sheep will agree with you, then you state something positive about it so Xbox fans will also agree.]

FamilyGuy1422d ago

Looks about as fun as a drunk girl in a mini skirt, I wonder how long it'll stay exclusive though and whether I'll care about it at that time with all the other games bound to release by then.

BallsEye1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


So posts on ps forums about XO games are now facts? Amazing!

also read this article

Maybe there is more to XO than most people think. Executive producer said:

"Need For Speed Rivals will feature better graphics on ONE next-gen console than the other, Ghost Games’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson has suggested – but refused to clarify which."

"What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially ONE of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one,"

Now since Sony was boasting about their specs and everyone are talking for months now how much stronger ps4 is, i think he would just confirm it, instead he said ONE console is much stronger than they thought FOR A REALLY LONG TIME.

Also if you would have been on eurogamer, you would see these games just look too good for 1.3 tf

indysurfn1422d ago

1 Microsoft defended the xbone as not weak pointing at RYSE as the best looking game.
2 Microsoft defended the Xbone as not weak
pointing at Titan fall as their other example of what it can do.

3 Microsoft LIED about games running on xbone one. (they are actually running on PC more powerful than the xbone).

4 Microsofts whole hype has been based on misleading tactics running games on pc that will not be as good on xbone.

And fools still defend them? No wonder they are proudly buying a machine from those that tried to take away all owner ship rights. Because they are fools fighting against their own interests.

BallsEye1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


You do realise that of all ps4 games on Eurogamer only Knack was running on real ps4? Other games had just ps4 controller and were crashing to Windows. Look it up, there are photos and articles. So now write another complaint but now about sony lies.

I think you never experienced a new console launch. I will never forget the biggest sony lie, when killzone 2 e3 demo was showing off the POWER OF THE CELL, but later it came out that it was just a target render of "how they wish the game would look" and they never achieved it, even with Shadow Fall...but hey you're defending them!

Till now some games on last gen consoles are demoed first on PC's. Remember that beautiful Last of Us gameplay on first showing? Released game looked much different, resolution, textures, post processing, lighting. It always happened and it will happen.

kB01422d ago


If you think the 770 GTX is ONLY 2Xs the strength of the Xbox One/Ps4 you are mistaken sir.

A 660m currently in my laptop is about the same give or take strength..the Xbox one has a gpu closer to 7770 STOCK not the GHZ edition...which the GHZ edition is around 3X slower than the 770.

So yeah:)

Both Xbox one and PS4 have very impressive GPUs but let's not just throw out numbers:P

BlackTar1871422d ago

Chris W,

Funny how you say Sony sheep and then Xbox fans. I mean its so cleaver no one could tell which one you are.

ChrisW1421d ago

Oops... Sorry, I meant Xbots... Oh well.

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Muerte24941423d ago

impressive that they are continuing to use Geforce cards when Xbox One is using a version of Radeon. Knowing that result vary between to the GPU makers from game to game, why not run it on a 7970?

Abriael1423d ago

The game is also for PC, so they weren't really trying to simulate the Xbox One version.

Elit3Nick1423d ago

It might have to do with nvidia cards being easier to optimize off the bat then radeon, but that's just what I think

ninjahunter1422d ago

Nvidia cards perform consistently between almost all games, even the radeon enhanced ones.

LordDhampire1422d ago

Because people would know the power difference of the cards, since people know the xbox is a radeon, they can look at the numbering system and instantly know that the 7970 is stronger, and by how much...but if you look at 770 I don't know how strong that thing is I don't know if the xbox one falls in between 760-770 or around a 750

its just harder to compare the two

rdgneoz31422d ago

"The game is also for PC, so they weren't really trying to simulate the Xbox One version"

Except when MS says the E3 demos were on PCs being specified to comparable hardware of the home consoles (when using Nvidia cards)... Throw in that they were using xbox one controllers and the average consumer might think that it was suppose to be representative of what the xbox one version will be like.

DeadlyFire1422d ago

Microsoft has NVIDIA in their Cloud systems.

Guwapo771422d ago

Dude I was just about to say the same damn thing. Why all the nVidia cards in the demos?? AMD and Nvidia cards strong in different areas and not to include the difference in drivers - why even do this to themselves?

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Einhert1423d ago

The thing I find most impressive is the animation rigs for the mechs, they move so fluidly and human like, its crazy.

Irishguy951422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Yeah the graphics are only a bit better than this gen. Luckily the gameplay stands above the rest. Also there is a long time before this releases. Dice only revealed BF4 on consoles recently too, and stuck with PC before that.