Activision closing Underground Developments?

Studio formerly known as Z-Axis until early this year to be shut once Quake Wars PS3 work is done, reports claim.

One of Activision's internal development teams, the California-based Underground Developments, is to be closed according reports emerging today.

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sonarus3893d ago

they better shut down with their 4spu quake wars mess

DomUltra3893d ago

After that epic fail I hope they don't find jobs after this seriously, that port is HORRIBLE.

nutjuice3893d ago

the last game they ever make

Douglasp3893d ago

It's not there fault they don't have a budget of 30-40million dollars to make Quake Wars PS3 look like Uncharted or MGS4. Maybe Activision and or ID software though they didn't want to fund it to much and lets face it on the PS3 you need more time and money to make good games. O well it's just a decision they made and its showing on their work. Don't buy it and move on. Don't blame a dev for not being funded properly. Not every game will be funded to be 40million dollar games. It has always happend and will continue to happen in every gen. Some good games some ugly games.