From Wii Fit to Wii Strip?

As the new Wii Fit made the rounds on morning talk shows this week, a U.K. company was working on a buzzy tidbit of its own: a stripping game for the popular console.

(AP/ABC News)Peekaboo, a company that specializes in temporary at-home stripper polls, including one endorsed by Carmen Electra, announced this week that it's developing a strip aerobics game for the Wii.

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RobotIsTheFuture3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Guess What's Gonna Be The Dildo When "Wii Porn" Gets Out Bruh [XD] [ROFL]
They Gonna Call It "Wiildo" 'n It Gonna Rumble 10xTimes The Normal + Besides Motion Sensor Will Be Blutooth(Long Battery Life [LOL]) For Those Ladies & *Ehww (Puke Sound)* Fa9s Too. 'n When The DLC Comes Out It'll Have A.I. So The "Wiildo" Can Move When He Wants To + If U Get The Mario Special Edition It'll Have An Secret Port Where U Trow Some "Spermicidal LUBE" [ROFL!!!] It'll Come w/ an SD Port So U Can Save Ur Lasting Settings [LMAO]; Ohh It'll Have A Mustache Just Like Mario's Too!!! OMG...LOL...Check This One Out!!! ----> IT'LL HAVE THE EXACT SAME SOUND THAT MAKES SUPER MARIO WHEN U PULL THOSE ROOTS FROM THE FLOOR [ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] THOSE *PPRRUUTTT* HAHAHAHAHA THOSE... That'll Be When "Wiildo" Cums...

Now An Ad...

"Have U Been Feelin' Lonely? Are U Tired Of All Those Teabagins U Get While Playin Halo3 Online? [ROFL] Can't U Wait For Solid "D!ck" Snake: Metal Gear Solid: C0cks Of The Patriots To Drop?

Then Look No Further!!!

"Wiildo" Has Come To Rescue & Please U!!! "Wiildo" w/ 1,000 Different Vibrations From Dial-Up Slow To Pussii Riot Fast [LMAO] Get It While It Lasts... Also In Bowser Edition, n' For A Limited Time We'll Be Sellin' The Princess Edition For Men/Lesbos[Obviously] (Note:ONLINE ONLY @ What U Waitin!? Get Urs Only For $24.98 Now!!!


chaosatom3333809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

hmmm. looks like Nintendo is taking a different approach if you know what i mean.

Mr_Bun3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Wii love you long time!

ItsDubC3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

The fact that there are Strip Aerobics classes at 24 Hour Fitness is amusing to me, moreso than the fact that it attracts a lot of middle-aged women. But hey, if Carmen Electra and Peekaboo want to expand their horizons, I guess this is one avenue for doing so.


$10 says someone will reply w/ a comment like, "Carmen Electra? I'd expand her horizons."

The Real Joker3809d ago

Carmen Electra? I'd expand her horizons

LeonSKennedy4Life3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I think they're a little too expansive already...

LeonSKennedy4Life3809d ago

Since when has Apple endorsed stripping?

(see picture)

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The story is too old to be commented.