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Is Sony Reviving Studio Liverpool?

Junkie Monkeys: As most of you know Sony shut the doors on SCE Studio Liverpool over a year ago. This move crushed many PlayStation gamers’ hearts, because this studio has had a long and rich history with PlayStation. A recent trademark filed by Sony has me curious about a few things concerning Studio Liverpool’s revival, except this time it seems they may be going back to the studio’s roots. (PS3, PS4, Psygnosis, SCE Studio Liverpool)

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BG11579  +   546d ago
That would be awesome.
Let them bring Wipeout next-gen!!!
thereapersson  +   546d ago
I miss Psygnosis / Studio Liverpool! I would certainly love a next-gen sequel to G.Police and Colony Wars.
ZodTheRipper  +   545d ago
I'm still enjoying regularly Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048, Wipeout is one of my favourite Sony franchise ...please let this be true.
Pintheshadows  +   545d ago
G_Police remake needs to happen, although with an understandable, not entirely insane control scheme this time.
nunley33  +   545d ago
this could be like when take 2 boston changed its name back to irrational games,i hope its true.
NateCole  +   545d ago
Colony wars please
doctorstrange  +   546d ago
Most likely they're just keeping the trademark theirs for any PS1 titles they plan on porting to current platforms.

RedDragan  +   546d ago
It was a chronically underfunded studio, come to think of it all the British studios are underfunded in comparison to the American and Japanese studios yet they still came out with some of the most iconic series to exist in the Playstation brand.

Not only should Sony bring back Liverpool, they should throw the money at it and see what crazy stuff they come up with.
DOMination-  +   545d ago
Didn't they just merge the staff and buildings with Evolution? They were pretty close geographically and both focused on racers. It made sense to combine their talents and tech.
torchic  +   545d ago


a small few found jobs at Evolution Studios, the rest had to find their own way.
BitbyDeath  +   545d ago
The old trademark remains, but now it looks like they have just created a new one.

Gardenia  +   545d ago
I was thinking a few weeks ago how cool it would be to see a new Destruction Derby for the PS4. Simple and with no bs, just like the old games, but this time also multiplayer
malik8880   545d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   545d ago
new ip please
Tsar4ever  +   545d ago
COLONY WARS!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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BrezzyTv  +   546d ago
Would be pretty cool
badboy776  +   546d ago
What's that Honey. Were having Liverpool for dinner. Mmmhh my Favorite.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   546d ago
Didn't they join the Evo team?
OrangePowerz  +   546d ago
Part if the Liverpool people did.
torchic  +   545d ago
a few of them did.
abzdine  +   546d ago
would be the best thing for PlayStation fans.
WipEout HD is 1080p 60FPS with no lag, i can't even imagine the performance of WipEout PS4!
Please Sony make it happen
sigfredod  +   546d ago
4K 60fps maybe?
HeyImBen11  +   546d ago
Ps4 doesn't support 4K gaming i think.
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xKugo  +   546d ago
No 4k support for PS4.
JoGam  +   546d ago
PS4 only support Videos and Photos in 4k. Not gaming.
loulou  +   546d ago
4k gaming is obviously supported..

look at the disagrees. they weren't idiotic sony fanboys taking offense to the possible slight against their plastic and silicon god. they were infact devs disagreeing with you.... oh wait
HeyImBen11  +   545d ago
Lol wooow, why all the disagrees. You are so pathetic.
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Hicken  +   545d ago
No point complaining about the disagrees, but no, the PS4 does not support 4K gaming. Not unless it's on some Pong-level games.
Kleptic  +   545d ago
Sony confirmed this before, right? NO 4k rendered games...which is obvious when you look at the retail gpu the PS4's is based off of...Its very clearly a 1080 gpu...

4k takes multiple gpu's for even relatively simple modern games...Sorry, a single Radeon 7800 series isn't going to be pulling that off any time soon...sucks, i know, as Wipeout HD, to this day, is still one of the most impressive console games i've ever witnessed...

but it'll do 4k video...and may even support the quad layer BD disc stuff in the future...if its true that is all software related, that is...a lot of conflicting info on that...
ravinash  +   545d ago
They don't mak'em like that any more.
hankmoody  +   546d ago
Wipeout XL was my favorite. Best music of the series, IMO.
VonBraunschweigg  +   546d ago
Still play WipEout HD with the XL/2097 HUD, also the soundtrack. Popped the origanal PS1 game in my PS3 and was able to export the music to the HDD, it just works without any problems. Some of the best WipEout music indeed.
sonicsidewinder  +   546d ago
Iconic logo.
sync90  +   546d ago
Wipeout pS4!! yes please!
VonBraunschweigg  +   546d ago
WipEout 4K would be nice:)
mushroomwig  +   546d ago
As somebody who lives just outside Liverpool this would be amazing, I would love to work there.
nooneknows  +   546d ago
Do you know what this means?!!

The GateAway and Eight Days might be back!!!!!
doctorstrange  +   546d ago
Sony London
imt558  +   546d ago
Bring back Wipeout with Firestarter!!!
Ron_Danger  +   546d ago
Wasn't the instrument version of Firestarter in Wipeout 2?
imt558  +   545d ago
Yes, it is.:)
Omran  +   546d ago
The Getaway anyone ?!
loulou  +   545d ago
that was soho... and the getaway was rubbish!! I remember waiting and waiting and waiting for that game, only to be diappointed.

give the getaway to another studio
Omran  +   545d ago
what ! the getaway was rubbish
you have no taste in games

the getaway was one of the best
games i've ever played !
Mouktouk  +   546d ago
Since the closure of Sony Liverpool, my hopes to see a new Team Buddies game vanished. If Sony indeed revives Psygnosis studio, then I can only be glad about it, even though I know Team Buddies may never come back.
xKugo  +   546d ago
Would be nice if they brung us another Wipeout at 2k resolution and maybe a Colony Wars game?
buynit  +   546d ago
I doubt it its only been a little over a year imo they could have just laid ppl off for a while. If the name comes back it will be like rare..
OrangePowerz  +   546d ago
I loved Psygnosis, G-Police, WipEout, Colony Wars and Destruction Derby where awesome games.
truegame  +   545d ago
Psygnosis was my favorite developer during the Amiga Days.

Great memories..
sprinterboy  +   545d ago
Blood money, shadow of the beast. Great Amiga days had bra
iiwii  +   545d ago
I agree, when I put the disk in and loaded the game that great Psygnosis logo (see pic above) would show up like window blinds opening. And you knew something really awesome would be next. Hey, maybe they want to revive some other old Psygnosis Amiga games like Terrorpods, Aquaventura, or Barbarian. Any of those could have some nice 3d version. I could even imagine a multiplayer version of Terrorpods in a true 3D world where you and some friends set up the planet mining systems and defend it from the aliens.

Oh man, spent many hours playing Psygnosis games on the Amiga, lol.
Nabbic  +   545d ago
If Liverpool is coming back, then Zipper needs to come back too.
If there was a new Wipeout and MAG for the PS4, I would rush to buy it instantly.

EDIT: Damnnn... It looks like there's some truth to this.
In the "Trade Mark Name" box type Psygnosis... It's a recent request.
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Jls1  +   545d ago
yeah if they brought back zipper and there was mag 2 on ps4 sold
GentlemenRUs  +   545d ago
Oh my god please let this be true!

I need these sequels BAD!

*misses puggsy*
XtraTrstrL  +   545d ago
Psygnosis is badass.
The_Villager  +   545d ago
GABRIEL1030  +   545d ago
G-Police, Wipeout and Colony wars...amazing memories !
NightStalker33  +   545d ago
Please, Sony, bring back Zipper Interactive so that I can once again play the King of 3rd person shooters again.

Not that 4th game crap though. I want an HD remake of Socom 2.
ssj27  +   545d ago
A new Socom will be made, eventually with that old school SII telling on it..
let's see how H-Hour turns out and if they win the community and Sony attention.
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Nabbic  +   545d ago
Why not MAG 2?
It was simple in mechanics, but damn was it the most fun I had in shooters in a while.
ForgivenZombie  +   545d ago
It would be nice to see some old franchises get a shot at next gen.

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